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Faculty Superheroes (ok, it was Halloween)

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Post-semester glow in the desert

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The bus in an autumn glow

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Circling up for discussion in the Utah mountains

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Canyon glow along the colorado river

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Faculty meeting in the desert

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Pre-semester photo op

Please help me support Expedition Education to begin again in transforming lives and creating ecological leaders for the 21st century!

(click through images above for the musical sea lion natural history lesson video)

The Expedition Education Institute has its roots in the 40+ year history of the traveling high school, college, and graduate programs that were created and run by the Trailside Country School, the Audubon Expedition Institute, and Lesley University.

I consider myself very lucky to have discovered and then to have participated in the Expedition model of education over the past decade as a faculty member, and I fervently wish for this education to be available to future students and future faculty like me!

Please consider giving a gift to support me in being the change I wish to see in the world!

The past decade+ has been a truly transformative experience for me, from the first semester I spent teaching and learning on a "Bus" in the Pacific Northwest to the last semester I spent on the Comparative Californias program, to my current learning and working to re-establish the program with new partners and as an independent non-profit. Being involved changed my life for the better in too many ways to count. I'll give just a few examples: I grew personally in ways that improved all of my relationships, particularly my family relations, I learned to value and support my connection to the earth in tangible and healing ways, I understood better my role in speaking up for justice and grew in my confidence and commitment to doing so, I came to value more greatly my whole self in my learning and in my living.

The EEI model supports students to develop capacities and build confidence in their articulation, expression, and creativity, as well as their leadership and group process abilities. While learning about the issues facing our earth and our world and about the myriad solutions being created by courageous people everywhere, and being inspired to become one of these advocates, educators, or leaders for change, students and faculty also become more open and profoundly connected to themselves, to others around and distant from them, and to the earth as a whole.

Help me to help create powerful ecological leaders and resilient solution-minded and earth-connected human beings by giving a gift of any amount to the Bus Expedition JumpStart Campaign.

We will all be eternally grateful.

For anyone just hearing about the Expedition, students and faculty live and learn together, traveling in a custom retrofitted school bus, eating, sleeping, and studying outdoors while exploring the local and global environmental challenges that communities and ecosystems are facing. During their travels, the community examines and learns about the myriad sustainable solutions that represent the “blessed unrest.” They come to know the bioregion, ecologically, culturally, and socio-politically; and come to know themselves on a deeper level, individually and as part of a rich learning community.

They do this through an integrated curriculum with courses in Ecological Literacy and Consciousness; Cultural Diversity, Wisdom, and Justice; Community and Personal Transformation; and Reflective Practice in Leadership and Education.

I am so honored to have participated in so many people's deep learning and profound connecting, and continue to be honored to be part of the team re-establishing this model of education for future learners.

I invite you to join us in this effort. Donate today or if you wish to become a fundraiser for the team and increase your giving ability, contact me at We would love to have you on our team!

With deep gratitude and love,


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Our goal is to create experiential learning communities that inspire informed and compassionate ecological leadership.

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