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$30 Communication Supporter. I love getting my free weekly eNews at & I “Like” KFNA on Facebook too!

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$60 Public Art Lover. I am proud of KFNA's support in creating over 60 public art projects in Kingfield!

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$120 Fresh Food Devotee. I am thankful to KFNA for nourishing our neighborhood with markets, and gardens, events!

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$180 Local Business Advocate. I support KFNA working to highlight our businesses with events like Nicollet Open Streets

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$240 Shout Out for My Wacky Neighbors! I love them, and KFNA, who works to connect our community!

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$300 Green and Proud of it! From bee hives to bread ovens, solar above and rain gardens below, KFNA covers it all!

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$1000 KFNA #1 Fan. I am proud of all the work that KFNA does and will invest in them because they invest in Kingfield!

KFNA demonstrates and encourages neighborhood leadership, provides a forum for community participation, and promotes the neighborhood vision


Some of you might be asking, why should I give money to my neighborhood? They are all the same, aren’t they?

I want to assure you that all neighborhoods are not created equal. Kingfield is special in part because KFNA has worked really hard for the past 20 years to engage amazing neighbors in their very own neighborhood. The goal of doing this is to assist these residents in developing and sharing their own special talents and skills to solve both smaller, neighborhood-level concerns but also to pilot programs and projects that can be duplicated across the City.

KFNA has helped develop programs and leaders in the areas of urban agriculture including farmers markets and community gardens, alternative energy including solar and geo-thermal education and installation, public art including tried and true methods to deter graffiti and build identity using exterior business murals and wrapped utility boxes, and much more including programs and projects focused on store-front development, street usage and traffic calming, recycling, race-based discussions and building connections to other neighborhoods and communities, and affordable housing.

KFNA uses your donations to support these programs and more.

Some of you might ask, why should I give money to my nonprofit neighborhood organization? Neighborhood groups receive financial support from the City of Minneapolis to do their work, don't they?

Although KFNA is fortunate to receive some support from the City of Minneapolis for the outreach and long-range planning we do in the neighborhood, the City only provides about $50,000 annually, which is about 50% of KFNA’s annual operating budget. Let's be frank. $50,000 is not enough money to employ two part-time staff, maintain an office and communication channels via websites, e-mail, and social media, pay for insurance, accounting services, and plan and implement numerous projects and events annually.

To continue to do all the work we do in Kingfield Neighborhood, we need your financial support as well. Donations can be made on this website or you can visit the Kingfield Neighborhood Association page at to learn more about the work we do first, and make a donation from there.

Thank you for your time and interest in your community!


Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA’s Executive Director

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3754 Pleasant Ave #101
Minneapolis, MN 55409

(612) 823-5980



KFNA demonstrates and encourages neighborhood leadership, provides a forum for community participation, and promotes the neighborhood vision

EIN: 363517405

Reports: Guidestar


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