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Kimberly Schroeder

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Your financial help makes it possible for me to befriend, serve and love the homeless and hurting with the gospel of Christ.

As you may know, God has called me to become a Hope for Louisville team member. One of the questions I had asked myself when we began our training was “What in the world am I doing here?” When I heard about how mornings in the day shelter are it made me a bit nervous at first, but once we began our first day working there I began to realize that there was nothing to worry about. God has hand-picked an amazing group of twelve other people to serve here with me. We lift each other up spiritually and encourage each other along the way.

The job that I like the most at the day shelter has been 733 Relief. Basically, I stand in the kitchen serving platform and pass out basic toiletries like shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, razors, etc. All these items are donated to Jefferson Street. So if you have a bag full of all those hotel shampoos and soaps lying around that you know you’ll never use, but took them because they were free; you should consider donating them to Jeff Street. We also at this time serve coffee and a small breakfast like donuts, or pancakes, and keep the line for laundry moving. It’s been very convicting to see how these guests don’t care what brand of shampoo or soap you give them; they just want a shower and they don’t mind what kind of food you are serving them; they are just hungry. Despite how hot the kitchen stays even early in the morning, this job is my favorite because I get to learn the day shelter guests’ names and supply toiletries to meet their basic needs.

God has really opened my eyes to different things even in the first week of volunteering here. These guests that come in here are usually not picky. They don’t care what brand of shampoo or soap you give them, they just want to shower. They don’t mind food that they are given, because they’re just hungry and want something to eat. This has really convicted me because I have always been so picky on what I buy or eat. When I would shop for myself; I would only buy name brand items and usually wouldn’t settle for anything less.

I knew poverty was tough, but talking to some of these guests who say they are just trying to make it day by day has really affected the way I think about the homeless. Even though I can supply their every need or want, I hope that I’m helping them by becoming their friend. One former resident from Jeff Street I talked to said a very true statement: “Jesus often wrecks a life before He can save it.” This really hit home because I know of a few people that are like this, and I hope that a few that I pray for will be saying something like this soon. It is truly a blessing to hear someones story of how they come to know Christ. Everyone is different; therefore everyone has a different story. The best thing to remember is that you can never get into anything too deep that Jesus can’t pull you out of. This is why I’m here: to build relationships with people who believe their life is hopeless and show them that they are loved and there is hope for them.

Being a follower of Christ is a daily necessity, it’s not something you are when it’s convenient. This is a big stumbling block for many Christians today because they have been taught that just believing in Jesus is enough to get them to Heaven. I’ll be honest, I thought that believing was enough for the longest time. The bible says in James 2:19, “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that--and shudder.” That’s why as a Christian it’s vital to spend time in the word; so you can find out God’s plan for your life and not learning only what others tell you. God has already opened my eyes to a lot of things this summer, and Hope just started a little over a week ago. Keep me in prayer as I finish out this summer. Thank you so much for your support and prayers so far; I wouldn’t be here without them.

Even though I have met my financial support goal, please consider donating financially to help my team, Jeff Street, and the ministry happening here. Our team is currently about halfway to the team goal of $50,400. At this time Jefferson Street Baptist Center is dependant on the funds coming in from Hope Team members. So any support will be very helpful

To Donate to HOPE:

Send a check to JSBC, Attn: HOPE, 733 East Jefferson Street,

Louisville, KY 40202

Please write my personal account ID (HOPE-S11-KS1)

on the memo line,

but do not write my name anywhere on the check this may

negate the tax-detectability.

or donate on here

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Jefferson Street Baptist Center exists to extend gospel-centered mercy to the homeless and hurting of the greater Louisville, KY area.

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