Kiana Bullard

Kiana Bullard

Kiana Bullard 's fundraiser for JEFFERSON STREET BAPTIST CENTER INC

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We raised $2,600 at our Second Chance Yard Sale! God is good!

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Your financial help makes it possible for me to befriend, serve and love the homeless and hurting with the gospel of Christ.

Just One More Question

July Newsletter

“I was raised with hookers, pimps, drug dealers and prostitutes.”,

a homeless man explained at our Tuesday night community group. As I sat and listened my heart began to break. I hadn’t felt that in awhile. I had hardened my heart so as to not get hurt again. I had been intentionally staying away from tough relationships and difficult lives. I had been burnt and trampled. I had people leave without warning. All this and I was done. I wanted no part of relationships. I had isolated and secluded myself, but as this broken, hurting man gave just a glimpse of his tough life my cold, hardened heart began to warm. I felt love and deep compassion I had not felt in a long time. And in that moment I was never so thankful to be raised in a Christian home.

“I have been in jail 4 times.”

He said it so nonchalantly like everyone goes to jail at least once in their lives.

“I’m trying to abide with Christ but sometimes I feel like my fruit gets knocked off.”

There it was, the hope that I so desperately longed to hear, the glimmer of light in a pitch-black room. Purpose. He’s not perfect but he’s trying, and he believes his trying is worthwhile. And if he believes trying is worthwhile, then I believe pursuing others is also worth it.

He points to me, “How long have you had a personal relationship with Christ?”

“About 4 years.”

“And how old are you?”

“23,” I reply.

“That’s amazing!”

That is amazing! God saw fit to save me from my sin and myself at a young age. This man spoke from the wisdom of a 57 year old. He had just recently come to Christ and was beginning the journey. And you know what else is amazing? Christ used this man to teach me a lesson. This man was so amazed at my young faith, but I was equally, if not more, amazed at his great story of redemption and forgiveness. God used this man to break my hardened heart and make it receptive to the hurting again. The same grace that saved this man from a rough life also kept me from such a rough life. Praise the Lord!

“I have just one more question,” he said quietly. “Why does the church not help people more? The drug dealers and gangsters will loan you money, but there is a price attached to it. Aren’t Christians supposed to give not wanting anything in return?”

His words pierced my heart. That last question broke me. Drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, alcoholics and the homeless care for their own better than Christians! Brothers and Sisters, this is a major problem. Are we recognized for our compassion, care and hospitality? Are we recognized for grace where others deny it? Are we loving our own well? Do we love our enemy? I know I have been guilty of taking back grace and holding grudges where forgiveness is necessary.

Pray that we seek grace, forgiveness and love. Pray that we would love, forgive and give grace in a Christ-like manner. Pray for Jeff St as we are journeying through financial hardship. Pray that we would persevere well. Pray that the HOPE team would continue to pursue the difficult relationships for the sake of saving a few.

I have one question for you. As you know, Jefferson Street has been going through financial hardship. We on the HOPE Team want to see this change. We only make about $3.50 a day, but we love this place so much that we are going to give, in full, our meager paycheck. All 13 HOPE Team Members are donating our next stipend check of $50 back to the ministry. I am looking for 20 people to match us in our $50 gift. Will you join me? If 20 of you donate this money, that will amount to $1050 donated! If all 13 HOPE Team Members receive the same response, that will amount to $13,650 donated! Only a mighty act will bring us out of financial turmoil, but we serve a mighty God through whom all things are possible. You can give your tax-deductible gift by mail at the address below or here on my Razoo page. Join us!

Grace and Peace,

Kiana Bullard

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Attn: HOPE

733 E. Jefferson Street

Louisville, KY 40202

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Jefferson Street Baptist Center exists to extend gospel-centered mercy to the homeless and hurting of the greater Louisville, KY area.

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