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Natural Glorious Cross in the Sky

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Natural shadow of Christ on the Cross in my prayer closet

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Natural reflection of Tree of Righteousness on the ceiling of my prayer closet

Branson Cross is the Kingdom Legacy Project to build the World's Largest Walkthrough Cross together as a testimony to Jesus Christ our Lord.

Scripture tells us it is our purpose as followers of Christ to reconcile the world to our heavenly Father through having a personal relationship with his son Jesus. All those who have had an encounter with Christ are responsible for sharing that life saving knowledge with those who have not. According to Luke 9:23, committed followers of Christ are to turn from their selfish ways, take up their cross daily, and follow him. This requires us to die to ourselves (our selfish ways), take up what can be unpleasant burdens
daily, and come after or pursue Jesus as one would pursue a treasured love.

It is a lifestyle commitment that over time matures us and makes us more like Jesus from the inside out as we walk out our salvation daily, with awe and reverence. The lifestyle will cause us to sacrifice our time, our skills and our finances to pursue the treasured relationship we have with Christ just as we would in any other relationship we have.

I invite you to donate the proceeds of your time, skills, and finance in unity with other brothers and sisters in Christ to build and support this FREE admission family friendly Kingdom Legacy Project that will remain long after we have left this earth and continue to help others have their encounter with Jesus.

I ask the ministers of each congregation to take up a collection of $1 per man, woman and child in their local church and donate it together to support this monumental effort. In a country of 310 million people, we have 200 million self professed Christians of which 100 million are churched. Imagine if even half the churched responded. This cross symbolizing Jesus new covenant with us would be paid for, funded well into the future, with plenty of additional funding for being the loving hands of Christ locally, nationally, and internationally.

As mentioned in Exodus 25 and 35, we are taking up a sacred offering from all whose hearts are moved by the Lord to offer them.

Can the Lord still move your heart as an individual?

As a local church?

As a nation?

Please give – just as Branson Cross is in the heartland of America, we are fighting for the heart of a nation.

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We are asking for your help Our goal in this fundraiser is to raise the $5,000,000 needed to build THE WORLDS LARGEST CROSS!

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