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We are fund-raising and saving every penny so that we can travel to Uganda and bring our son home!


Mike and Sundae Johnson , both Charleston natives, were married under the big oak tree at Middleton Plantation in August of 2003.

Since she was a teen, Sundae always felt that God put a special call on her heart to adopt. When Mike and Sundae started dating, they discussed adoption as an option if they were to ever get married. In an effort to win Sundaes heart, Mike agreed that if they ever got married that they would have 2 children of their own and then adopt. They laughed....It seeemed a bit premature... Like a little girl planning her wedding day or a little boy committing to be the quarterback for his favorite NFL football team when he grows up.

Almost a year after being married, they were blessed with Gabriel. It was just the 3 of them for 8 years. They had so much fun, just like 3 peas in a pod!.
The older Gabe got, the gentle whispers of a 2nd and certainly 3rd child faded away. They experienced some ups and downs in their marriage, as most do- but God showed his faithfulness by renewing their marriage and giving them a testimony of grace and healing!
In 2011 they were blessed with baby Havannah who has just turned 1.( Gabe was so happy when he heard the news that he was going to be a big brother that it brought tears to his eyes. )
Now thinking that they had the "all American family", they have discovered that God isn't done with their story!
A few months ago, Sundae started hearing those quiet whispers once again. They got louder and louder until they couldn't be ignored. Mike and Sundae started talking about adoption as a real possibility, but needed to explore what that entailed and what it would mean for their family. They had no idea on where to start- domestic or international, boy or girl, and certainly not how to pay for it..... how it would it all come together? Was this really Gods plan, and if so- was this the right time? So many questions...
During this period, Sundae and son, Gabriel, heard a call through their church ,Calvary Chapel,to help collect shoes to send to an orphanage in Uganda (Agape Childrens Village). They worked hard and collected almost 1,400 pairs of shoes.
As they were exploring the adoption process and collecting shoes, Mike and Sundae couldn't help but wonder if God had put the a Shoe Mission on their hearts as a way to lead them to a country they had never heard of, on a continent on the other side of the world!
After prayer and fasting, He so perfectly made the answer crystal clear-yes!
They are now at the beginning of their adoption journey....a jorney of save and love a boy who does not yet know them.... An orphan who might otherwise never know a family, have food, clothes, healthcare, and education, or even clean water without finding a "forever family". They know in their hearts that God has a son that he will lead them to in Uganda. Although they don't know his name and wouldn't recognize him in a crowd, God has made him perfectly for them. They are all so excited,Gabe especially.... To become a big brother again!
They do not know how they will raise all of the funds in time, as Uganda is particularly expensive due to legal requirements and length of required stay in country, but they are stepping out in Faith. They know that God will not give them more than they can handle.
They also realize that this journey is a part of something larger than just themselves and know that once they say yes to Gods call, they will see God unravel his marvelously laid plans, right in front of their eyes!
Orphan care takes on many different forms. They are hoping that others will hear the call- to care for the orphan and become a part of their love story.
John 14:18 says:I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.
Thank God he came for us and made us His adopted children! Now we go in His footsteps for another!
Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of our journey by sponsoring us! We are working through international Adoption Net. We expect the estimated costs to be about $37,065 and have saved $5,179 so far. We have a long way to go.

-Mike,Sundae, Gabe, and Havannah

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Our mission at Journey Together Ministries is to disciple, equip and mobilize the church to care for vulnerable and orphaned children.

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