Bring Your Energy $2 Bring Rescue: Jenna's Marathon on October 30, 2011


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The longest training run: 23 miles!

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Your donations will develop new police trainings & investigations to stop girls from being trafficked from Nepal into Indian brothels!

“Bring Your Energy $2 Bring Rescue”

In 2002, the United Nations reported: “Out of Nepal’s population of 23.2 million, 80% are surviving on less than $2 per day.” This extreme poverty contributes to 10,000 young girls to be sold and trafficked across the Nepal-India border each year! The average age is fifteen, but some girls are as young as seven when they get sold into Indian brothels, in neighborhoods that provide a market for sex. Within a few square miles, the Sonagachi Red Light in Kolkata has 10,000 women whom “stand in line,” sometimes servicing up to 30 men a day. After their first rape, their tiny bodies become enslaved to a life of sexual abuse.

However, there’s a solution to bring rescue.

Tiny Hands International, a Christian NGO based in the capital of Kathmandu, opened 10-15 stations to train police and monitor the borders for alleged trafficking crimes. It’s working. Girls, as well as their traffickers, are being stopped and questioned at the border, which as a result, prevents the young girl from being harmed by sexual abuse in the first place!

Nearly 3,000 girls have been rescued since May of 2009.

Today I am asking that you Bring Your Energy $2 Bring Rescue to even more girls! I am bringing my energy to this work by running a marathon on October 30th in Washington DC! There are 220 training days leading up to race day and it will take energy! But if you can pledge to give $2 each day: Tiny Hands can set up police trainings and a new investigative plan could be underway!

80% of people living in Nepal are surviving on less than $2 each day. This is what I am asking you to match. Bring Your Energy $2 Bring Rescue!

Sincere thanks for your support,

Jenna Hudlow

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