Jeff Maher

Jeff Maher fundraising for Jumpstart's Boston Marathon Team

Jeff Maher 's fundraiser for JUMPSTART FOR YOUNG CHILDREN INC

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Finish line Boston 2013

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The finish line, a day early. My shirt was predicting the heat!

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A little cross training on the SUP never hurt, right?

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Fellow Jumpstarter Paul Crockett and I sneak in 8 miles along the Charles River in early Boston Training!

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Boylston St- the most thrilling finish in marathoning!

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The goal? To finish standing with a smile!

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Training through the winter can be cold, but not as cold as a Saturday post long run ice bath!

I'm running the 2013 Boston Marathon on behalf of Jumpstart, please support me and this wonderful cause!

The events that ended the marathon on April 15th were tragic. People lost their lives, some lost limbs and many more were shipped off to area hospitals with injuries. My heart bleeds for all those that were affected one way or another. It has certainly been a difficult time for Bostonians and citizens around the world. A week has passed now, the suspects detained and the legal system is hard at work bringing justice to the situation. While the lives lost cannot be brought back, I will always remember this race for the great things that have and will continue to come out of it. Not the least of which is over $9,600 you and I have raised together and over $100,000 team Jumpstart has raised to help the youth of America with their early education. We will move forward, we will advance our cause, and we will help so many children who need it. If you think for one minute the acts of two terrorists will slow down the city of Boston, the people of Boston or the marathoners and many fans, spectators and volunteers, you have another thing coming. The train has just left the station for Boston 2014 and I am on it! Speed up and jump on it yourself because it is going to be AWESOME! BOSTON STRONG!

Jumpstart’s mission is to ensure that every child in America enters school prepared to succeed. Every year, Jumpstart recruits and trains thousands of college students and community volunteers, called Corps members, to work with preschool children in low-income neighborhoods. Throughout the school year, Corps members dedicate several hours each week with their partner children to implement Jumpstart’s proven curriculum and develop the language, literacy, and social skills these children need to succeed in school and in life.

This year, Jumpstart Boston’s Corps members will give 140,000 hours of service to change the educational lives of 1,000 children in nearly 50 preschools. Through their service, Corps members not only change these children’s lives, but their own lives as well.

One Corps member stated, “Last week my partner child wrote her full name out for the first time. In college, I have read books by philosophers, artists and political theorists. In three years, no words have been more powerful than those of my four year old friend. Thank you for the opportunity to work for something and with something I believe in.”

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Jumpstart is working toward the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed.

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