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Local villagers receiving nutritional supplements.

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Education services are an important part of improving quality of life in Uttar Pradesh.

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A mother and her child receive much needed medical treatment.

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Polio vaccinations are part of our preventative care programs.

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Dr. Sharah with the inspirational Mother Theresa.

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Our hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Mobile clinics such as this one play a vital role in extending our reach and effectiveness.

International Village Clinic (IVC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing health services to the poor villages of India.

The Story

Abul Sharah was a fatherless, impoverished boy from, Uttar Pradesh, India's poorest province. By chance, brains and hard work, he earned an education and rose to senior engineering and marketing positions at Honeywell and MTS Systems over a 27-year career. In 1996, Dr. Sharah was harboring a growing desire to give something back in appreciation for his good fortune when chance intervened.

While on a business trip to Calcutta, India, Dr. Sharah scheduled in time for a visit to Mother Theresa's Home for Dying Destitutes. By coincidence, he arrived at the hour when the nun received visitors. After learning of his humble Indian roots and success in the United States, mother Theresa urged Dr. Sharah to pursue a mission of "love and human service."

Dr. Abul Sharah retired from corporate life, returned to Uttar Pradesh and founded International Village Clinic in October 1999 to transform his dream into reality; investing the rest of his life to helping improve the quality of life in the region.

Dr. Sharah spent many months working with local residents and leaders to identify which changes would bring the greatest benefits to the region. As a result of these conversations, three interrelated goals were identified as key to improving the region's standard of living: health care, education and income.

If sufficient resources were available, all three of these issues could be tackled. Realistically, only so much can be accomplished with available resources. In recognition of this, IVC has focused its attention on first building up the region's health care system. IVC has focused on establishing a medical clinic, nutrition, vaccination and health-education programs and employ qualified medical personnel in an area where illiteracy and disease are rampant.

At our inception there were no adequate basic medical facilities in these villages. An effective vaccination program did not exist. With the nearest hospital 50 miles away and poor road conditions, it took villagers at least half a day to get medical care. Fewer than 5% of the villagers can afford to pay a city doctor's fee. As a result, most patients depend upon unqualified practitioners, which are many in these villages. IVC began making changes when we opened our doors on February 12, 2002.

Currently we have launched a curative program and a prevention program in one of the poorest areas of northern India. We are now serving over 70 villages in our curative program and 48 villages in the prevention program. These programs operate with a very scalable design - allowing as rapid and effective expansion as funding allows. Such design has been attracting the attention of supporters.

International Village Clinic was awarded the 2011 grant from Stanford social venture initiative Project Redwood to fund program expansion from 36 to 48 villages to help 3,000 additional children and expectant mothers. The program includes prenatal care, nutritional supplements, vaccinations, health education and family planning. Project Redwood’s 2012 grant supported the expansion of preventive services and IVC’s fundraising capability toward the goal of reaching 200 villages.


Today, IVC is calling on the support of donors to help raise $25,000 per year to sustain our prevention program in 12 additional villages - from the current 48 to 60 villages. We have already received a one-time grant of $25,000 from Project Redwood to launch our prevention program in the 12 villages. These additional 12 clinics will greatly increase the reach and effectiveness of IVC’s impact on the region, touching the lives of many people who otherwise would not have access to doctors, nutrition, and information about how to avoid illness. We need your help to sustain this project so that we can continue to:

· Bring health care services to over 70 poor villages - over 55,000 patients per year! - in our curative program and 60 villages in our preventative care program.

· Save children from blindness and malnutrition.

· Save young lives by expanding the vaccination and nutrition programs, continuing and improving our baby delivery and in-patient services.

Your donation is tax deductible, and 99% of it goes towards providing health care services in India because of our low overhead!

Please visit the International Village Clinic website
for more information on our operations, efforts and involvement opportunities!

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International Village Clinic (IVC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing health services to the poor villages of India.

EIN: 411951636

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