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Your support allows ILSR to help more communities take local control of their economic future.

Help us continue the momenutum - The Institute for Local Self-Reliance is 40 years old this year and we invite you to celebrate with us! With your help we’ve grown from a Washington, DC, community group to a national voice for vibrant local economies. Today we continue to provide cutting edge advocacy, research, and technical assistance to the growing movement for a new economy.

We need your support today. Help us continue the fight against the concentration of corporate power, the loss of control of our local economies and government, and the growing threats to our environment.

Join us by making a donation to help communities take control of their economies and their futures by:

  • Building locally-controlled, renewable energy systems
  • Expanding community-owned broadband networks
  • Increasing the number of successful independent, local businesses
  • Creating jobs in new reuse and composting businesses
  • Protecting the public commons

Forty years ago, ILSR began a mission to restructure our communities and economy around locally scaled enterprise, democratic ownership, and environmental stewardship – leading to more equitable communities with a better quality of life. We have worked with thousands of business leaders, elected officials, and community organizers to help them take control of their community economies, and set a brighter, healthier future.

Please be a part of the next 40 years by becoming a monthly sustainer and contributing $10 a month or more, or making a one-time donation today.

With your donation ILSR can:

  • Create groundbreaking research and analysis on how communities can own more of their resources and determine their economic growth
  • Offer on-the-ground technical support to businesses and leaders pushing to change their local legislation and build new innovative economic models
  • Provide the valuable popular education materials you count on us for – from new infographics, podcasts, and weekly newsletters to insightful speeches and news articles
  • Develop media and policy tools for advocates to use in fighting for local scale and democratic ownership

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Institute for Local Self Reliance, Inc.
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Your support allows ILSR to help more communities take local control of their economic future.

EIN: 237394104

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