Todd Ketcham

All I want for Christmas: Outward Bound Mazama to Re-Open

Todd Ketcham 's fundraiser for Northwest Outward Bound School

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Reason to Donate #1: Achievement

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Reason to Donate #2: Teamwork

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Reason to Donate #3: New friends

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Reason to Donate #4: Random mountain watermelons

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Reason to Donate #5: Feeling Strong

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Reason to Donate #6: Being Strong

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Reason to Donate #7: Trying new food

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Reason to Donate #8: SNOOZLE BOMBS! (Sugar coated glazed sugar)

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Reason to Donate #9: Hanging Out

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Reason to Donate #10: Adventure

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Reason to Donate #11: Discovering peace in solitude

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Reason to Donate #12: Homemade Alpine Birthday Cakes

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Reason to Donate #13: Joining a boy band

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Reason to Donate #14: Support in hard times

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Reason to Donate #15: The Epic Outdoors

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Reason to Donate #16: Moving Forward

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Reason to Donate #17: Discovering new Talents

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Reason to Donate #18: Being a Rockstar

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Reason to Donate #19: Taking it in

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Reason to Donate #20: Lifelong Memories

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Reason to Donate #21: You can get dread Locks / Make a pledge and I'll post your reason to donate

Save your money on that awesome x-mas gift you were going to get me and help keep Outward Bound in Washington State alive.

View the "20 Reasons to Donate" slide show on this page and give the gift of keeping the mission alive.

In attempts to preserve Outward Bound in Washington, I'm attempting to raise $500.00 by the end of the month for the Northwest Outward Bound School. Click the link at the top of the page next to my name to get the full fundraising story.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

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Northwest Outward Bound School

The mission of Northwest Outward Bound School is to change lives through challenge and discovery.

EIN: 453463744

Reports: Guidestar

$185 RAISED OF $500 GOAL
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