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Bringing Dreams to Life

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Some of our kids in Atlanta

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Some of our kids in Jamaica

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Graduation Celebration with our students at West End Academy PLC

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College Prep & One on One Tutoring at West End Academy PLC

Help us to create a better future for children in need by donating today!

Dear Friend,

iDream is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which provides underserved and at-risk youth, age 8 to 18, with the tools and resources they need to achieve their dreams. iDream addresses the barriers that children face that impact their overall health, academic performances, and abilities to reach their full potentials through a variety of educational and developmental programs in a safe and structured environment. Our Youth Development Program focuses on three main areas: Education, Mentoring and Health & Nutrition.

OUR MISSION is to empower underserved and at-risk youth to accomplish their dreams and to have success in all areas of their lives.

OUR GOAL is for our students to become successful adults having developed the resiliency, self sufficiency and economic security required to succeed and accomplish their dreams.

iDream works in underserved communities in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. These once thriving communities now face the challenges of heightened poverty, crime, and drug abuse plaguing inner city communities around the nation that often times prevents children from accessing the protection or developmental environment crucial to obtaining the tools needed to fulfill their dreams.

Alarming Statistics

30.9% of children in Atlanta live below the poverty level. In our communities only 31% have a high school education. According to the Georgia Department of Education, Atlanta Public Schools reported a graduation rate of only 52% in 2012. In other words, about half of students in the Atlanta Public School system did not graduate from high school.

90% of the students we serve live below the poverty line, the other 10% are from low-income households. Many of our students are from households that live on less than $10,000 a year; some are even homeless. Approximately 90% of the students we serve will be the first in their family to graduate from high school.

You Can Make A Difference

With these statistics in mind, there is much need for programs that take a holistic approach to child development. iDream’s Education and Child Development Program is a comprehensive and integrated approach to healthy child development that strengthens the social, emotional, cognitive, physical, cultural and civic development of youth. iDream addresses the barriers that children and their families face that impact their overall health, academic performances, and abilities to reach their full potentials. We provide one on one tutoring, test preparation, school supplies, college preparation & career development, life skills training, health education, mentoring, physical fitness, food & clothing assistance and countless other educational and cultural activities for underprivileged children.

With your support our organization will be able to continue to provide as well as increase these much-needed services to endow our youth with the opportunity to develop and access the tools they need to fulfill their dreams.

Prefer to donate by check? Please send check or money order to: iDream Inc., PO BOX 94832
ATLANTA, GA 30377.

If you require any further information or have any questions please contact us at 404.462.8509 or via email at


Valene Lindsay, CEO

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Help us to create a better future for children in need by donating today!

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