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Idealware lends a helping hand

Idealware provides thoroughly researched, impartial and accessible resources about software to help nonprofits make smart software decisions

You know those TV commercials that play on your heartstrings with a parade of images set to melodramatic music—cute puppies and sad kittens pacing their cages, crumbling schools, footage from the latest disaster? A compassionate voice promises you can support this charitable cause “for the price of a cup of coffee a day,” and you can’t help but reach for your checkbook.

In terms of sheer emotional impact, Idealware can’t compete. Despite all our valuable contributions, images of nonprofit staffers struggling with technology don’t have the same power to tug at your heart strings. But we need to ask you to reach for your checkbook just the same.

Look, we know the economy hasn’t exactly been booming. And we know we’re not the only ones asking for your support—we’re probably not even the only appeal in your inbox right now, right? But we rely on your generosity to keep the lights running and the heat on here at Idealware Global Headquarters, and to help us meet our mission of providing impartial resources about software to nonprofits.

Did you catch that word? We’ll say it again: impartial. In order to keep our reviews and recommendations impartial and unbiased, we choose to not accept money from vendors. But the kind of thorough research you expect from us takes time and money.

That’s what we get from your generosity—here’s what you get: Your donations help fund our publications and trainings. And because thousands of people download our articles and reports and attend our seminars and trainings every year, your gift helps their organizations, too. That means you’re also contributing to all the constituents and causes they support, like finding homes for the cute puppies and kittens, rebuilding crumbling schools, and bringing aid to disaster victims.

Make a gift to us, and you’ll make a gift to them. Please consider giving.

To recap, donations to the Idealware Research Fund help fund our growing roster of publications and trainings. Your generosity can improve the nonprofit sector as a whole. Even a small gift—less than the price of a cup of coffee a day—can have an enormous impact on thousands of nonprofits and the communities and causes they reach.

Give because you care about nonprofit technology. Give because it can help change the world. Give because you don’t need any more reasons. Donate to the Idealware Research Fund now.

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Idealware provides thoroughly researched, impartial and accessible resources about software to help nonprofits make smart software decisions

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