Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD)

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The ICSD in Jerusalem promotes the cooperation of world and Israel-based religious leaders environmental sustainability.

Need Statement

Human-caused global climate change presents a significant challenge for humanity to alter its behavior to avert potentially catastrophic impacts. The drought and fires in Israel underscore its particular vulnerability to climate change. The political stalemate in acting on climate change underscores the need for action through other levers in society. Billions of people practice one of the world’s major religious, and global religious leaders have significant influence on many of these people. To date global religious leaders have yet to make a joint statement on the religious imperative for climate change action, or effectively mobilize their followers to take action to curb climate change.

In addition, coexistence in the Holy Land continues to elude Jews and Arabs. The environment exists as an area of joint concern and thus contains tremendous potential to spur goodwill and peacebuilding in the Holy Land through interfaith environmental cooperation.


  • Promote the articulation of a common religious vision for sustainable development.
  • Create a multiplier effect for global action on climate change by leveraging the moral authority of religious leaders in the Holy Land
  • Facilitate Christians, Muslims, and Jews finding common cause through shared religious teachings on environmental stewardship
  • Galvanize global religious leaders to mobilize the worldwide religious public and political leaders to curb climate change

Project Information

Please consider supporting our work through a US tax-deductible donation to The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development. Our work relates to a number of important areas, including:

  1. Interfaith Dialogue: We work with religious leaders, seminary students, and members of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and other faiths to promote understanding and dialogue among members of these different faiths.
  2. Israeli-Arab Coexistence: Environmental challenges transcend borders and religious affiliations. Our projects use this common concern as a platform for overcoming inter-religious strife, uniting people to work together for the well-being of present and future generations.
  3. Environmental Issues: Our programs promote the cooperation and training of current and emerging religious leaders to enable faith-based environmental action. Our ‘One Home’ video of religious leaders calling for environmental action received thousands of views.
  4. Jewish Education and Engagement: Our Jewish Eco Seminarsbranch engages and educates Jews in North America and Israel by revealing the powerful connection between modern Israel, ecological innovation, and Jewish values. In the past year, we have provided programming to about 1,000 participants.

Click on these links for more information about The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development or its Jewish Eco Seminars branch.

Thank you for considering this request.

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