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Heather Gloria 's fundraiser for FLATIRONS COMMUNITY CHURCH

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My passion 20212 community group!

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New years eve party with the church on the road to Atlanta Georgia

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Me and my newest best friend Steph in front of the hand sculpture built to for every dollar we raised to fight slavery

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the exhibit at the Georgia Dome

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Me and my other friends I met on the trip

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lunch break in between services

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community group at another college retreat with my besty steph on my left again!

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Bus ride to Atlanta Georgia, a bus full of college kids for 36 hours! crazy!

Passion 2013 is a college age conference where students my own age can come together for few short days and worship God in an amazing way!

I went to Passion 2012 last year for my first time by myself not knowing anyone, trying to find myself in a time where I felt lost, along the journey I met some amazing people and developed friendshipsIi still have a year later, because of Passion throughout this year i have grown so much closer to God than i ever though possible, I have realized how much i am loved, and it helped me realize that in my life i want to make a bigger impact than the small footprint i had been leaving behind, at Passion our goal was to raise 1 million dollars to help modern day slavery, by the end of the confrence we raised $3.5 millon I want to be a part of what God is doing in the hearts of so many college kids my age, but I am a college kid, and although i am working very hard to get myself there, the trip is a bit expensive and i would very much appriciate any kind of financial help that you can offer! Love Heather

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