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Your donation gets doubled by VinaCapital, then HBVN uses that to provide medical attention & heart surgery to save children's lives.

The first time I was ever made aware of the lack of hospital care in Vietnam was on my last family trip there a few years back. We were traveling away from the city life of Ho Chi Minh and headed more towards the rural countryside to visit distant family and friends. Once there, I recognized instantly the need for medical attention. I remember visiting the villages outside Hanoi and coming across numerous households with children that were sick, some with flus having lasted for weeks, some bedridden from unknown illnesses. When I’d ask why these children haven’t made their way to see a doctor, the answer was unanimous: with none to little finances and the only options for care being hours into town over rough terrain, the only hope was to pray for a miracle. This was so hard for me to fathom, and I realized I've never thought twice that I live 6 blocks away from one of the finest hospitals here in LA. This made me determined to bring not just this awareness back to the states, but something back to Vietnam for these hopefilled families.

I began spreading the word about this need. After many cold calls, my great friend Kathy Uyen living in Vietnam responded about having met a young passionate woman who worked with a charity fund dealing directly with these areas. Long story short, the Director of Development, Mimi Vu and I connected, both with a vision to use our platforms to bring hope to those in need around us.

So I’m off to Vietnam this Tues, 2/23. During my trip, I’m going to be volunteering some time to spend at these clinics funded by donations thru Heartbeat Vietnam. Each outreach clinic provides free care to 200-300 children, including diagnostic testing, treatment, and placement on the cardiac surgery
waiting list if required, and the best part, within the communities of these villages in remote areas . Mimi explained to me that families will travel hours through the night in order to arrive to the clinics early to hold their place in line for medical attention. I'm determined to bring encouragement and prayer to these families and volunteer doctors, meanwhile extend a way that you each can also be a part of this journey.


Any donation, ANY amount is beyond appreciated!! And I truly mean this- because ANY amount u donate, Vina Capital MATCHES DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR. As I head there, I will be blogging updates with pictures and video for you to see where your support is going straight towards. This site also allows me to thank you personally, and to keep you updated. YOU are helping me make this happen. Thank you.

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