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Flooded village of Kampong Phluk

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Turning World Travelers Into World Changers

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Granmother and grandchild wade through water to get home (Kampong Phluk, Cambodia)

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It's not about US, it's not about YOU, it's about THEM

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Kids learning on donated laptops in Cambodia

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Goodwill Globetrotting

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Finger Painting at a popular K.I.D.S. class

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Cash for Trash participants from all over the globe!

Size 550x415 gg newlogo shirt
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Sreylen, our Cambodian Rep, at the first ever K.I.D.S. Class

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Our first ever event: Hike for the kids of LTCEA!!

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A student has a light breakfast before hitting the books

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Smiling Hearts field trip to the Cultural Center!!

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A small corner for learning dedicated in our name

Size 550x415 ltcea%20backpacks

Ready for the new school year with donated backpacks and school supplies

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Volunteering at Capital Area Food Bank

Size 550x415 auditorium%20shores%20clean%20up

Cleaning up Town Lake after a nasty rain

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The boys of Azul Wasi Orphanage in their new matching shirts!!

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Don't Just See The World.....Change It!!

A unique global charity network enabling volunteers and world travelers to easily contribute to social projects in the countries they visit


Goodwill Globetrotting (501c3) is a global charity support network founded by world travelers who witnessed first-hand the horrible imbalance of opportunity and quality of life for people in certain areas. Not being able to help them was frustrating and life altering and we felt as if there were more important things we could do with our time abroad. In our search for something more meaningful, we realized that helping others was often difficult and finding good volunteer opportunities was a painstaking process that required lots of time and money. We set out to change that. We wanted philanthropy to be accessible to everyone and that simple concept has evolved into a grand mission to spread the idea of micro-philanthropy and change the world one small gesture at a time.


The world is full of people in need and equally full of caring people like you with the desire to help. The most impactful way to involved is by supporting quality charitable organizations that do amazing work in their communities but just don't have the resources needed to be fully effective. Unfortunately, finding these organizations and figuring out how you can help is not easy. Most humanitarian efforts give the average person limited options for contributing, volunteering can cost outrageous amounts of money and you're often matched with projects where your skills and efforts are misused. At Goodwill Globetrotting, we're convinced that there are more efficient and potentially more effective methods of contributing to humanitarian programs around the world.


Our idea is that small contributions from many can outweigh large contributions from a few. With this in mind, we set out to create new easier ways for you to help those in need. Instead of competing with other non-profits for funding and resources, we hope to assist them through our charity support projects and by bringing you to their cause more efficiently and effectively. Through our own experiences abroad, we realized that international travelers and volunteers are an underused resource and would be a great starting point toward expanding the idea of philanthropy as a way of life by first making it a way to travel.


We are building a network that will allow caring people like you to easily find out what type of assistance is needed near your home or in areas you plan to visit. There are many different ways to make a contribution, from giving simple (but much needed) supplies to setting aside a few days for skilled volunteer work. Whether it's material goods, skill, money or manpower you have to offer; you are a valuable resource and our goal is to ensure you are not wasted. Next time you're planning a trip, visit our website first and always remember:

Don't just see the world, change it!!

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A unique global charity network enabling volunteers and world travelers to easily contribute to social projects in the countries they visit

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