Women in Progress aka Global Mamas

Size 550x415 aggie%20cole2

Aggie Cole Arthur, Batiker

Size 550x415 deborah

Deborah Asmah, Seamstress

Size 550x415 emma%20myers%20puts%20some%20calico%20in%20for%20a%20first%20dye%20large

Emma Meyers, Batiker

Size 550x415 louisa%20esi%20dadzie%20at%20eliemma%20batik08

Louisa "Esi" Dadzi, Batiker

Size 550x415 molly%20linda%20djan05%20large

Molly Linda Dhan, Seamstress

Size 550x415 itemsforpurchase

Some of the supplies that can be purchased to create a job for a woman in Prampram.

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The members of the current staff in Prampram. With your help, there could be 23 more!

We believe that women gaining financial independence is the most effective way to achieve lasting prosperity for themselves and their family

What We Will Achieve:

Global Mamas/Women in Progress provides sustainable, fairly compensated work for women in Ghana by connecting them with a larger global marketplace. We seek to raise $27,217 to fund the addition of 23 permanent jobs as we expand our successful fair trade workshop in Prampram, a struggling fishing village in Southern Ghana.

This project will liberate 23 women from the cycle of poverty and provide them with valuable training. It will also lay the ground work for creating hundreds of new jobs.


The future is bleak for a seamstress or batiker in Ghana today. Cheap imports, second-hand clothing and counterfeit fabrics have all devastated the once booming textile industry. Thirty-five years ago, textile production boasted of employing 25,000 employees. Today, just 4,000 people are employed. This has had a tremendously negative effect on Ghanaian women, as so many are trained in textile trades. They are charged with providing for their families, but have been left with no hope for work.


The new jobs will bring hope to a struggling village by employing 23 new women and empowering them with a living wage and the resources to achieve financial independence. Proceeds generated from the sales of their beautiful, hand-made items will help the workshop continue to grow and create more desperately-needed employment opportunities for women.

Since 2003, Global Mamas has helped over 600 women not only find work, but develop careers that they are passionate about. Women working in the Global Mamas network are able to provide better quality nutrition, health care and education for their families. They pay off debts and start saving for their futures. Through our training network they improve their craft and strengthen their business skills in areas such as design, marketing and financial management.

As our women hone their skills, we become a stronger organization and are able to help more women by bringing the Global Mamas approach to new communities.

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Organization Information

Women in Progress aka Global Mamas
P.O. Box 18323
Minneapolis, MN 55418


We believe that women gaining financial independence is the most effective way to achieve lasting prosperity for themselves and their family

EIN: 010697940

Reports: Guidestar


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