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Alumni & Friends Give Back to Ghana

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THE WHAT: Every year Hanno's world travelers donate a 10 piece computer lab to a local Ghanian school. This year they need our help.

THE HOW: We'll Chip In!

Continuing the tradition and donating a 10 piece computer lab on this year's trip will cost $2500.

If you add in the fees charged by this site - we only need to raise $2575 to put 10 computers in the hands of Ghanian students.

A single computer can serve as a gateway to a world of learning and progress for several individuals - so this gift of 10 truly has the potential for impact.

So whether you are a friend of the program or a program alum, I hope you'll take this opportunity to be a part of this year's Ghana trip!


THE WHY: We've all got a reason!

I'm chipping in because even though it was four years ago that I sat on that plane to Accra, the memories of my few days in Ghana are still some of the most vivid recollections of my undergraduate experience.

In those few days I learned:

  • that teaching was freaking hard, and I had a new found respect for anyone that had ever taught me.
  • that regardless of their age, race, background, likes or language, making friendships with people is as easy as you allow it to be.
  • that as a young college student, I actually had something valuable to offer to others, even those who were older than me.
  • that sometimes you have to give up opportunities of a lifetime to go home to people you love.
  • that knowledge is one of the most powerful gifts you could give to anyone.
  • that eating in smaller plates really does make you feel full faster!! :)


WHY YOU? A little help from everyone can go a long way!

Whether you look back upon Ghana as the best trip of your life, or just that trip you took to get away from the Boston winter - I'm certain there were things you learned about yourself, about others, or about the world.

To say thanks for those one, three, or twenty things you learned - please contribute a little something to keep alive the tradition of the trip's computer lab donation.

If you are a friend of the program who supports the trip and Hanno's hard work, we hope you will join in with all the alumni as we give a little money, and leave a little love with a shout out to Hanno or comment to share learnings from Ghana!


THE FUTURE: Your feedback

What if we all pitched in a little every year to fund the computer lab - and it was an alumni project? There's enough of us that is everyone did a little, we could really have a sustainable measureable impact. Thoughts? Leave a comment below.



Whether you helped put up this site or contributed to our fund today, thank you for your support!!


Manasi | Ugrad - Class of '09



contact me @ mhukku1@babson.edu


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