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To run for a cause and give back to the community!

I'm really excited, thrilled and overwhelmed with joy knowing that I will be running the Boston Marathon, come Apri 15, 2013! What's even more exciting is that I'm running for the Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP)! This great organization's value and vision for the youth across the state made my decision easy in supporting a cause and help raise as much money as possible before the big day!

So why run you may ask? To start, I've never really been the "runner type" until the spring of '09. After witnessing the Boston Marathon for the first time in person, something in me wanted to do something as crazy as running 26.2 miles one day. Immediately after the race, I signed up for my first race, the Chicago Marathon come October. Well, if you do the math, I had to switch my running routine from 3-5 miles a week to about 25-40 miles a week, since I've never did anything like this before. Weekends were dedicated to long runs and resting up the sore and broken down body! IT WAS HARD! I've lost 20-30 lbs that summer and I felt like I was on top of the world! With determination, dedication and discipline, I was ready for the 'thon and Chicago!

After the long trek in the cold and running for 3 hrs and 59 min., I've told myself I'm never doing another marathon. Even though crossing the finish line and seeing my dad waiting for me was the best thing ever, I said "no more, I'm sticking to 5K's and maybe, just maybe, half marathons. Boy, I was wrong. Running is my addicition. Running is my stress reliever. Running is my fun. Running makes me who I am today!

Soon after Chicago, I signd up for numerous 5K's around the Boston area, as well as a few half marathons. Believe me, the first mile in all my runs is still the toughest but knowing that the results will benefit my life in the long run is what keeps me going and my motivation. Then it dawn on me, I should run Boston and help an organization thats about giving back to the community, youths and families!

In short, the reason I've selected to support MMP is because of their vision for improvement in the lives of youths in local communities. From being a mentee my junior year in high school (Brockton High School) to becoming a mentor my senior year for incoming freshman, I understand the benefit of having resources and MMP is there to provide and assist when needed.Mass Mentoring provides resources to organizations that support our students, and train people to serve these kids in a way that benefits both mentor and mentee. In order for all to enjoy and receive as much help from MMP, we need to push forward and raise as much money for a great cause! From raising money for kids on St. Patrick's Day in South Boston, to helping out in soup kitchens while in college, I've always believed in giving back, especially for the kids!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Chris Collier, who had some influence on me on choosing MMP as well, since he ran with the team last year! His push and fire just keeps me going... THANKS MAN! You hav no idea. LET'S DO THIS BRUH!!

Please consider in supporting me by donating and helping me reach my goal! See you all on Marathon Day!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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Mass Mentoring Partnership is fueling the movement to expand quality mentoring for youth to meet the needs of communities across MA.

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