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Gathering Around the Table

CECAM Bolivia 's fundraiser for SUSTAINABLE BOLIVIA

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Meet the CECAM Bolivia Team- Christian, Freddy, Rosio, Amanda and Alex

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The workplace where Eco-Casa appliances are built

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The outside of our restaurant before transformation

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The inside of our restaurant before transformation

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Quick peek into the restaurant's kitchen before transformation

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Let the cleaning and repainting begin!

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Stencils and spray paint! Decorations for the exterior!

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Volunteers hard at work painting the restaurant

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Painting the outside of the restaurant

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The newly painted entrance of the restaurant

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Front-view of our restaurant's dining room

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Repainted kitchen, newly-purchased gas stove

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Our aim is to provide one family per month with an energy-efficient oven and a dry composting toilet

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Some of our energy-efficient stoves

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CECAM gives demonstrations of our energy-efficient stoves to the rural communities of Morochata, Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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Our energy-efficient ovens are versatile for any type of meal. Yum, pizza!

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Sharing a meal with the indigenous in Morochata.

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Serving pato, papas y verduras in Tiquipaya during the Festival of Phampaku

An income-generating restaurant will fund CECAM's projects to install solar cookers, waterless toilets and efficient stoves in rural homes

In early June, I visited the Municipal of Morochata, a rural district in the Department of Cochabamba where thousands of indigenous families live without running water, electricity or access to bathrooms. This place, known as El Campo, is an area of extreme poverty and breeds many unsanitary conditions and behaviors that make health a primary concern for communities throughout Cochabamba.

Without bathrooms, families in El Campo produce waste near their crops and water streams. Ultimately very important resources are contaminated and waste removal and sanitation practices remain nonexistent.

Additionally families cook with stone and wood in the center of their homes, creating respiratory infections from smoke inhalation and high risks of injuries from the open flame. Their food is in close contact with the dirt floors and seldom reaches temperatures high enough to kill the bacteria. Not only do the living situations in El Campo create major health concerns, but they also degrade the environment by using up incredible amounts of wood for cooking.

To address these health and environmental concerns, el Centro de Capacitacion y Asesoramiento Multidiciplinario (CECAM) produce dry-composting, waterless toilets, solar cookers, and energy-efficient stove-ovens for families, schools and community centers in El Campo. CECAM's mission, to provide rural families with Eco-casas--includes a toilet and a kitchen appliance--struggles to be financially affordable given the lack of funding the organization receives.

CECAM hosted its grand opening of the environmentally-conscious restaurant, "Pacha, Wayra, Nina" in the city of Cochabamba on July 17th. The profits from this restaurant will be used to subsidize the costs for families in El Campo to transform their homes into Eco-casas and provide them with education workshops on sanitation, the environment and health.

With the money raised so far, we have repainted, furnished, and decorated the restaurant, but we still need funds to purchase food supplies, a bar for more seating, a few more tables and chairs, lights, a TV to show educational videos about the environment, and a microwave.

Our restaurant will also be used to host educational workshops, community social justice meetings, and promote environmental sustainability for the local community.

To help CECAM keep this non-profit restaurant open, we are creating an internship program with local university business majors and culinary students to keep labor costs down until we have profited enough to hire a full-time staff.

Your support to "Pacha, Wayra, Nina" will ultimately help provide Eco-Casas to families in El Campo who do not have the means to practice sanitation, environmental conservation, and improve their health conditions.

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