The Fourth Presbyterian Church of South Boston


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The Fourth Presbyterian Church of South Boston

Fourth Presbyterian Church is a small urban church with a big heart for its neighborhood.

Dear Friends of Fourth Church,

Am I the only one who misses the old-fashioned movie rental store? Watching movies from Netflix or RedBox is surely convenient, but I miss the experience of walking into the store and browsing through stacks of movies before finding the one that feels right. Basically, it’s nice to know what you are getting for your money, and it’s nice to know that it’s real!

As we head into the final quarter of another remarkably active year at Fourth Presbyterian Church, I’m wondering if that sensibility might hold true for fundraising and charitable giving as well. Even as I am amazed by the richness of our ministry to youth and children here in Southie, I’m aware that our Youth and Children’s Ministry is working to close a budget gap in 2011. While there are many general opportunities to give in this season (not to mention the upcoming church stewardship campaign), sometimes its nice to browse the store and know exactly what you are getting with your money!

In that spirit, I’ve created a unique new way to support our youth and kids this year at Fourth. Think of it as an old-fashioned shopping trip. I’ve created a list of very concrete needs that we have this fall to continue the ministries and programs for kids and teenagers in our church and neighborhood – along with the associated cost of that need. If you would like to support our kids by funding one of those needs, you can do so right here on our brand new fundraising site at All gifts are tax-deductable, and if you are making a gift in honor of a loved one, that will also be noted in a thank you note.

Our needs this fall range from small (homework help pencils) to large (a New Hampshire retreat for neighborhood teens), and any and all gifts are appreciated. And thanks in advance for the many ways you support our ministry, with your prayers, your time, your money, and your words of encouragement.


Tim Hughes

Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry

Fourth Presbyterian Church

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Fourth Presbyterian Church is a small urban church with a big heart for its neighborhood.

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