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Finding Our Children A Home

Shannon Fetters 's fundraiser for THE ORPHANETWORK

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Help me show the orphans there is hope out there

Size 550x415 baby%20orphan

a baby orphan

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a sad boy orphan

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A sad orphan girl

Size 550x415 happy%20orphan

a happy orphan

Size 550x415 is%20there%20still%20hope%20as%20they%20get%20older

Is there still hope yet? Am i too old?

Size 550x415 orphan%20stuck%20in%20mexico

Our children being lost to orphanages in other countries

Size 550x415 world%20orphan%20statistic

World wide orphan statistics

Size 550x415 orphans%20are%20volunerable%20statistics

Orphan's volnurability statistics

Size 550x415 orphan%20statistics

Statistics on orphans

Size 550x415 orphan%20statistics%202

Statistics on orphans

Size 550x415 orphans and vulnerable children 310x150

Orphan children are left to be volnerable to the world

Size 550x415 generations adoptions

There's been generations of adoptions and can be generations more

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Our orphan's are volnerable but could be sponsored and guided

Size 550x415 a%20childs%20hope

A Child's Hope International. One place that gives childres hope. Help me give them hope..

Size 550x415 what%20orphans%20are%20in%20need%20of%202

A lot of food is needed to feed all of the orphan's

Size 550x415 the%20little%20things%20that%20count

For orphan's it's the little things that count to them

Size 550x415 orphans%20need%20families

The only thing an orphan wants is a place to call home

Size 550x415 how%20to%20save%20orphans

how to save the orphans

Size 550x415 what%20your%20contributions%20can%20do%20for%20orphans

Your donations will help with clothes

Size 550x415 what%20orphans%20are%20in%20need%20of

Your donations help provide food

Size 550x415 what%20orphans%20are%20in%20need%20of%203

Your donations puts shoes on their feet

Size 550x415 orphan%20quote%204

Spread some love and help and orphan by donating

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They will greatly appreciate your donations and support in a better environment and a chance at finding a home

Size 550x415 orphan%20quote%202

By donating you could give a child to have a brighter tommorrow and a smile on their face

Size 550x415 a%20childs%20hope

A child''s hope for a brighter tommorrow and a home to call their own is all they have

Size 550x415 what%20orphans%20say%20for%20what%20they%20get

A special thank-you from the orphan's for what they recieve

Finding Orphan children a good loving home and making sure that they can have what they need.

I would like to make sure that orphan's have the food, clothes, proper bedding etc. they need and that the facility is in good shape to house these children. I would also like to help with enough donations to be able to find these children warm loving homes where they are safe.

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Organization Information

2624 Southern Blvd. Suite 101
Virginia Beach, VA 23452


Our mission is rescue abandoned, abused, and orphaned children, and to prevent vulnerable children from becoming abandoned.

EIN: 541983817

Reports: Guidestar


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