In 2012 we lit 2 schools in Ethiopia. Over 160 adult learners will be able to use the schools after dark.


Size 550x415 img 0271

Our 50L team works on getting the flexible solar panels on the roof of Namnyaki school for Masaai girls in Tanzania.

Size 550x415 img 0200

Eric Hansen our chief solar installer works on the inverter, charge controller and batteries on our Tanzania project.

Size 550x415 img 0476

The Village of Kidaywa, Tanzania turned out to celebrate at the lighting ceremony for Namnyaki Masaai Girls School.

Size 550x415 img 8337

Masai girls in Kwale village received solar lights to be able to continue their studies after dark.

Size 550x415 img 0145

Bringing solar light to remote villages where wild animals make it dangerous to go out after dark.

Size 550x415 img 6618

Helping a young caregiver in remote LaMoskitia, Honduras with solar light.

Size 550x415 tanzanian%20school%20girls%20with%20light

Masai school girls in the Image Tanzania education project now have solar light to be able to study after dark.

Size 550x415 maasai%20women%20grandmother%20in%20house%20with%20light%20tanzania

In Tanzania we provided Masai women and girls with solar lights so they could continue their education after dark.

Size 550x415 haitian%20amputee%20women%20with%20light

In Haiti, we distributed over 800 solar lights to the displaced living in camps.

Size 550x415 img 5184

Some of the first fifty receiving solar lights in Afghanistan.

Size 550x415 img 3313

We've provided over a 500 lights to Rwandan coffee farmers.

Size 550x415 img 4948

Empowering Masai women and girls with solar light.

Size 550x415 p1050834

Our solar installer Eric working on Cololo Belala school, Ethiopia

Size 550x415 img 0347

The teachers from Cololo Belala school tested our solar lighting system before Eric was done with the install.

Size 550x415 p1050786

The Ekodaga Ethiopia school install crew and cheering section.

Size 550x415 img 0196

One of the students from the Ekodaga, Ethiopia school watched us every step of the way in our solar lighting install.

Size 550x415 p1020629

We were able to distribute more then 800 of our solar lights in Haiti.

Fifty Lanterns is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit dedicated to helping those most in need in the developing world with solar energy.

Fifty Lanterns is committed to continuing to help those most in need in the developing world through clean, safe, renewable solar light and solar energy. Founded in 2006, we have distributed solar light and energy around the world in places of war, conflict, and natural disasters. Our solar lights have changed lives for thousands of families living in poverty. By eliminating the need for toxic and expensive kerosene, and dangerous open flame from oil lamps and candles, we can help women redirect funds towards income generating projects, medical care, and school fees for their children.

Solar lighting is safe, clean and non-toxic. With your help and generosity we can provide life changing solar light and energy to a mid-wife, widow, child-headed household, school children learning to read and write, and elderly people living in the developing world.

One of our current projects include "The Grandmothers Project". We are committed to providing safe renewable solar lights to a group of 550 Ugandan grandmothers dedicated to raising and nurturing AIDS orphans. Our Ugandan partner is The Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project. We have also recently lit with solar panels and batteries a new school (funded by "The Image Project" ( for Masaai girls at the Kidaywa Village in central Tanzania.

Next up, with your generous support, we hope to deliver solar lighting, power, and hot water to a medical/dental clinic in Uganda associated witih the Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project.(

Please help us spread solar power and light to these amazing groups of people through your generous donations.

Peace and Light,

Linda Cullen

Executive Director/Founder

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Fifty Lanterns is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit dedicated to helping those most in need in the developing world with solar energy.

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