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Feet in 2 Worlds brings the work of immigrant and ethnic journalists from across the U.S. to public radio and the web.

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Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who publicly revealed his illegal status, discusses the DREAM act

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Uruguay-born Valeria Fernández interviews Mexican immigrant Sandra Figueroa in an Arizona jail for NRP's Making Contact

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Jeff Yang, Project Director of OurChinaTown.org, discusses the many faces of Chinatown with Feet in 2 World

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The forum on Immigrant Electoral Power is just one of many public programs sponsored by Feet in 2 Worlds at CNYC.

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Chef and blogger Kian Lam Kho; his tour of Chinatown was the first segment of our 'Food in Two Worlds' podcast.

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Waitress at the Fun Run Restaurant at the New World Mall in Flushing, Queens

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Three Cup Chicken at Ku-Shiang Taiwanese Restaurant, also part of the Food in Two Worlds Podcast

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From right to left, Pilar Marrero of La Opinion and Feet In Two Worlds reporter Aswini Anburajan.

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The work of Feet in 2 Worlds and CNYC demonstrates the essential link between theory and practice at the Milano School.

Feet in 2 Worlds is a vital source of news, information and opinion about immigrants and immigration online and on public radio.


Feet in 2 Worlds assists and empowers journalists who are immigrants to bring their work to a large and diverse audience on public radio and the web.

Feet in 2 Worlds reporters shine a light on stories that are unknown or underreported outside of immigrant communities - allowing non-immigrant audiences to better understand the experiences of today’s immigrants.

You may have heard our reporters on public radio programs including PRI’s The World, Studio 360, and The Takeaway, American Public Media’s Marketplace and NPR’s Latino USA, and on WNYC, New York Public Radio.

The Fi2W website (http://news.feetintwoworlds.org/), is a daily source of stories about immigrant communities and the national debate over immigration policy. From the DREAM Act to individual state laws focused on immigrants, Fi2W reporters provide timely reporting and unique insights that can only come from journalists who are themselves immigrants.

Our Food in 2 Worlds podcast series brings listeners into immigrant kitchens, restaurants and food stores to explore how food connects immigrants to both their native country and their new home in the U.S.

Feet in Two Worlds journalists represent a wide range of immigrant communities including African, Arab, Bosnian, Chinese, Filipino, Haitian, Indian, Irish, Latino, Pakistani and Polish immigrants.

Feet in 2 Worlds is a project of the Center for New York City Affairs at The New School.

Listen to a message from our Executive Producer, John Rudolph: http://bit.ly/zwTJTt



Feet in Two Worlds depends on friends like you to keep our award-winning journalism on public radio and the web. Your tax-deductible gift helps immigrant and ethnic media journalists around the country bring coverage of politics, life and culture in immigrant communities to a wide and diverse audience on public radio and the web. Please be as generous as you can.

A $35 donation helps pay for an article on our website about the immigration policy debate in Washington.

A donation of $100 helps pay for an ethnic media journalist to receive training in blogging and social media.

A $250 donation pays the production costs for a Food in Two Worlds podcast.

A $500 donation helps pay the travel expenses for a Fi2W journalist covering the presidential campaign from the perspective of immigrant voters.

Suggested donations: $35 (Individual), $100 (Sustainer), $250 and above (Leadership Circle).

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