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Faith Partnerships promotes research and education to encourage collaborative efforts among faith partners, grant makers and government.

About Faith Partnerships

The needs in our communities are growing. We remind the faith community of its calling to respond to such needs, and we help faith-based organizations with the technical assistance and expertise needed to become effective agents for change. Faith Partnerships Incorporated grew out of a coalition of leaders in the faith community working in collaboration to address the needs of poverty-stricken families.

Our mission and goals are rooted in the idea that the poorest families can be helped through the collaborative efforts of faith based organizations. Faith Partnerships convenes workshops, seminars and training sessions across the United States. Poverty feels like a trap for large numbers of families, one that they cannot escape without help.

To answer the increasing cries for help, many have called on the faith community to do more. Members of faith groups—especially rural churches—increasingly recognize the need to get involved as people of faith. Yet that desire to help often runs into the problem of being unsure of how to help.

With some in government calling on the faith community to do more, the faithful seek expert partners to help find the best ways to address problems of poverty. We understand that the faith community must move from check book charity to focused giving in order to effectively transform our communities.

This requires the giving of time, talent, and resources with greater intentionality. Faith Partnerships has been at the table with leading national officials, foundations, corporations and faith leaders to discuss how best to provide help to local communities. Some of our initiatives include:

A Child at the Door
A publication that grew out of the Church Child Care Initiative in 1993 and efforts to identify challenges faced by the rural poor. The Initiative worked to promote quality, affordable child-care in rural communities and the work resulted in the publication of A Child at the Door, a leading guide for faith-based organizations starting child-care programs.

Emerging Voices Intergenerational Leadership Academy
The purpose of Faith Partnerships' Emerging Voices Intergenerational Leadership Academy is to develop leadership skills and generate advocates so communities can better address and resolve issues that impact poor children and families. It is our belief that when vulnerable children and their parents are afforded the opportunity to acquire leadership skills, the children become better students and are better equipped to defend themselves when confronted with difficult choices.

Progressive Voices: Agents for Change
An initiative that engages Black clergy and congregations in social action to develop and sustain a new ageing movement inclusive of the needs of vulnerable older adults. Working with clergy and elderly congregants, Faith Partnerships provides education on specific issues critical to ageing, (e.g. health and economic security).We seek to strengthen the ability of organizations that serve older adults to advocate and to mobilize their constituents.

The Welcome Table Dialogues
Social Justice Dialogues that focus on the experiences and needs of persons struggling with poverty and persons marginalized because of gender or sexual orientation.

The Table of Faith
A model of strategic giving that allows a diverse group of clergy and heads of faith-based organizations to examine ways to become a catalyst for change and to have a greater impact on the redistribution of resources in Black communities.

Sisters of Faith and Sister Clergy
This project connects networks of African-American women of faith who, through their collective vision, bring practical experience to addressing issues of poverty and disparity.

From Rescue to Restoration
An agenda that engages faith partners in helping congregations build the capacity for disaster relief, recovery and reform.

A Sankofa Journey
A study tour of clergy, educators, community activists, and leaders of faith-based organizations that traveled to Ghana and South Africa. The purpose of the visit was:

1) to gain a greater appreciation of the historical, cultural and political contexts of various African communities and

2) to establish dialogue with African colleagues concerning current and future missions projects, including, but not limited to, educational, economic and healthcare initiatives.

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Faith Partnerships promotes research and education to encourage collaborative efforts among faith partners, grant makers and government.

EIN: 311807854

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