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Our RankYourVote education team and Minneapolis city council member Elizabeth Glidden

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The 2013 RankYourVote education team!

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FairVote MN executive director and Toronto RabIT staff

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FairVote MN at the Minnesota State Fair

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FairVote MN at the Minnesota State Fair

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Nirvana's Krist Novoselic: “FairVote MN is leading a thoughtful, grassroots effort for sustainable long-term reform."

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Gov. Dayton: "RCV will discourage the negative campaigning that has come to embody political races in recent years."

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Gov. Carlson: RCV is "a fundamental part of a reform agenda that is essential for the future of Minnesota’s democracy.

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RCV Champion Senator Scott Dibble: “It’s time to update our system of democracy for the 21st century.”

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George and Sally Pillsbury: "Ranked-choice voting will actually benefit all parties and all Minnesota voters."

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Bill Moyers: “RCV diminishes the influence of money and partisanship."

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Former FairVote MN Vice Chair Cyndi Lesher: "Our electoral process is jeopardizing the long-term health of our state."

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Jeanne Massey: "Our 'plurality-take-all' elections are out of sync with Minnesota's growing political diversity."

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Retired Sen. Harrington: "RCV increases participation, producing outcomes that are more meaningful and participatory."

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Mpls. Councilmember Elizabeth Glidden: "With RCV, voters have more choice and more voters participate in our elections."

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Josh Reimnitz explains RCV to a state fairgoer.

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Sen. Dave Durenberger: "RCV is the only way I know of that will get people back to the polls in a meaningful way."

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Bao Vang: "Expanding political access is how we get outside-the-box solutions to seemingly intractable problems."

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Glen Nelson: "RCV is a rational, achievable, nonpartisan path to a government that represents a majority of citizens."

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Former Mpls elections chief Pat O’Connor: We proved RCV could be well administered and voters had little problem.

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Panelists Dave Durenberger, George Latimer and Tom Horner championing RCV.

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Executive Director Jeanne Massey explains RCV to voters before St. Paul Nov. 8 election

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Ranked Choice Voting at Pride Parade.

FairVote MN fosters better democracy through public education and advocacy. We are leading the Ranked Choice Voting initiative in Minnesota.

Building a Stronger, Better Democracy with Ranked Choice Voting

The dust has settled on the Minneapolis and St. Paul elections and the results are in: Ranked Choice Voting was an overwhelming success!

Voters not only understood it, they embraced it. In fact, a whopping 88% of voters ranked their ballot for Minneapolis mayor! And reformers around the country recognizing the transformative potential of RCV: a smarter, fairer, more representative voting system whose time truly has come.

Outgoing Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak hailed the Nov. 5 election as “the most positive campaign we’ve seen in a long time. This experiment very much worked.” Critics of RCV had predicted confusion, disenfranchisement, and delays. Instead, voters found RCV easy to use, empowering, and simple.

This wouldn’t have happened without your dedication and support of FairVote Minnesota. Now, with momentum building across the state (and beyond), we need your help to do even more. A gift to FairVote Minnesota is the best way to ensure the success of RCV not only in Minneapolis and St. Paul, but in other cities throughout Minnesota. Help us reach our $25,000 match - every dollar you donate on Nov. 14 will be doubled!

We know that RCV works. All over Minneapolis and St. Paul on Election Day, we heard voters expressing their excitement about finally being able to rank their vote according to how they really felt about the candidates on the ballot. Help us turn this excitement into more progress - together, we can use Ranked Choice Voting to cure our broken politics. By compelling candidates to reach beyond their narrow base and campaign -- and govern -- towards a majority, RCV fosters civility, compromise and problem solving on behalf of the entire electorate.

“We’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting movement that’s fostering competition, diminishing attack campaigning and eliminating the anti-democratic specters of spoilers and wasted votes,” said Jeanne Massey, FairVote Minnesota executive director, “and we’re excited to show other cities just how achievable this important reform really is.”

FairVote Minnesota will continue to strengthen democracy through engaging, inclusive grassroots efforts. The 2013 elections were a great success, and we look forward to bringing the overwhelmingly positive and rewarding RCV experience to more cities across our state and advancing this critical reform at the state level.

We’re leading the way. Help us continue to make Minnesota the model for the rest of country to follow with a gift today. Please give in any amount -- $10, $100, $1,000 -- and spread the word!

Thank you for all you do for a better democracy!

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FairVote MN fosters better democracy through public education and advocacy. We are leading the Ranked Choice Voting initiative in Minnesota.

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