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Red vs. White: Who Will Raise More Money?

Empowered Women International's enthusiastic staff has split up into two teams: the White Team and the Red Team. Our two teams will be competing against each other to raise the most money for EWI. The winning staff team will be rewarded with a relaxing day off from work. Help the White Team win by donating through this page on May 2nd! All donations will help to expand EWI and empower more women!

EWI's Read Team is:

Shannon: Program Manager
Erin: Americorps Outreach Coordinator
Hellina: Intern
Laura: Volunteer

What do we do?
Empowered Women International (EWI) is an award-winning non-profit organization that channels the entrepreneurial spirit, the arts, and the creative capital of talented and high-potential immigrant, refugee and low-income women into new jobs and small businesses – helping women rebuild their lives and livelihoods, one woman at the time.

What does make EWI unique?
- The women we work with and their passions
- The challenges they face when they come to EWI
- The approach we take to start-up businesses, while creating a safety net, so women cannot fall through the cracks.

You see, our passion is to work with those women who are the most struggling, marginalized or vulnerable, yet are amazingly talented, innovative and resilient.

We’ve seen women coming to EWI from all walks of life: some working to overcome difficult medical challenges, others battling domestic abuse, unemployment or financial crisis.

But that hasn’t stopped them from pursuing their passion.

In fact, in many cases their passion and determination were key motivators that helped women reclaim their independence and start their own business.

How do we help these women turn their life around?
We meet women where they are, and work alongside them through training, mentoring and coaching to help them see possibilities.

We connect them to networks of professionals. We take their product to market. We introduce them to other businesses, and promote their goods and services.

In the end, what makes the difference is YOU – our committed donors who work together with us and invest in women’s lives and their futures. And our dedicated staff, mentors, alumni community and volunteers, who provide a strong support system to ensure no one feels isolated or left behind.

But do we always succeed?
Well, not always, but 99% of the time. Our graduation rate from the Entrepreneur Training for Success in 2011 was 100%.

This means that all women who enrolled in our program last year, graduated with a ready to go business, a business plan concept vetted by business experts, bankers and entrepreneurs, a network of support and market access through EWI’s programs.

How many women do we launch in business, and where do we see ourselves in the future?
Since 2006, when we started the Entrepreneur Training for Success, we've launched 120 women-owned small businesses, many in the arts and the creative industry.

We also mentored, coached, showcased and promoted over 1,500 women artists and other creative entrepreneurs.

Today, we start about 50 businesses/year, and provide business and marketing coaching to an additional 200 women entrepreneurs each year. The Entrepreneur Training for Success runs twice a year at two locations in Alexandria and Rockville. The classes are small 10-15 women/class to ensure each woman gets the attention and support needed to complete her business plan.

We plan to add a new Entrepreneur Training for Success location in Washington DC in 2013. We’re also working on an online curriculum and plan to expand our reach through online training and mentoring, distance learning and webinars by 2014.

How much does it cost to run the 4-month Entrepreneur Training for Success?
Each 4-month business incubator for up to 15 women costs $24,050. This is an average $1,850/student to launch a business and receive one-on-one mentoring and coaching in training and after graduation.

What can you do to help?
Your contribution today at any level helps us provide scholarships and entrepreneurial services to immigrant, refugee and low-income start-up women entrepreneurs.

Be the ONE to make the difference today. Are you ONE?

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