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I, the girl who "only runs when chased," am dedicating the next 4 mos. to training for a 1/2 marathon in Philly to benefit: A Wider Circle.

So it has to be a worthwhile cause, right? I mean seriously, has any of you ever seen me running? Heard me speak lovingly of cardio? Thought so. But now I am making a 4 month commitment to training for a 1/2 marathon I'll run on November 21st in Philadelphia. I am challenging myself to attain "What is Possible!" for me physically, to raise funds for "What Is Possible!" for our community's impoverished, but determined, members. If you can't come out to heckle me at the race, then please please please support my fundraising efforts on behalf of A Wider Circle.

Enough about me; now about them: A Wider Circle is a nonprofit organization founded in October 2001, based in Silver Spring, MD, that serves members of our neighboring communities -- (one by one by one, right through their 50,000th client in April of this year) -- with programs to address the "whole person" -- programs that not only tend to people's tangible needs (e.g., furniture and home goods), but also to their "inner needs" (e.g., stress management, financial planning, and healthy self-esteem).

Real words, from a real client helped by A Wider Circle:


. . . I am so grateful to you and the volunteers. I’m watching my kids sleep on their beds right now – they are five and six years old – and this is the first night they have ever slept on a bed. - - Mary, a single mother in her late-night call to A Wider Circle

A Wider Circle serves people like Mary and her family seven days each week, conducting after-school programs at low-income schools, nutrition and educational programs at shelters and public housing residences, and, my personal favorite: Neighbor-to-Neighbor, which collects donated items from the community, then furnishes the homes of people coming from homeless and battered family shelters (provided and delivered to their new "door," at no cost to these clients).

They are helping thousands of children and adults take their first steps out of poverty. Now, A Wider Circle is helping me take my first steps toward the Philly Marathon. Help me help them (help me? No, let's just all help THEM!!). You should check "them" out (or for more information on A Wider Circle), at:


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4808 Moorland Ln
Ste 802 Bethesda, MD 20814


The mission of A Wider Circle is to help individuals and families lift themselves out of poverty.

EIN: 522345144

Reports: Guidestar

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