Beyond Borders is working to end child slavery and violence against women and girls in Haiti.

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A project of Beyond Borders, Inc.

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Pastor Marc-Remey & Sylvie Jules, a husband-and-wife team making great strides in reducing violence against women.

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Abenson Avril is one of many men and women working to prevent violence against women and girls in Haiti.

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Beyond Borders' Rethinking Power program is making violence against women and girls in Haiti a relic of the past.

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Balanced power between women & men means more economically secure households, stronger communities & reduced HIV rates.

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Yvrose Francois (r) is one of hundreds of men & women trained by Beyond Borders to prevent violence against women.

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We are training a growing group of Haitians in the skills needed to change the power dynamics between men & women.

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Our work has just begun. We need your help to keep it going & growing and to train & support more community activists.

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Daphney Jacques, (standing), Rethinking Power program coordinator for Beyond Borders, training community activists.

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We painstakingly develop culturally appropriate educational materials, testing & retesting them to ensure they work.

Your generous gift is helping to end violence against women & girls in Haiti. Thank you for your caring & concern!

Invest in the Power of People to End Violence Against Women & Girls

Your generous support allows Beyond Borders to train more community activists like Abenson who will use their skills to prevent and end violence against women. Beyond Borders community-based initiative, Rethinking Power, works to address the root causes of this violence—the imbalance in power between women and men in Haitian society. Each day in towns and villages throughout southeastern Haiti, dozens of female and male activists, religious leaders, community leaders, and others work to spark conversation and debate. Through Rethinking Power, we equip people to examine the power relationships in their day to day lives and become activists in the various roles they play as market women, motorcycle- taxi drivers, students, pastors, etc.

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Beyond Borders is working to end child slavery & prevent violence against women and girls in Haiti.

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