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On January 1, we will set off to the Ecuadorian Andes to climb five summits over eight days and raise money for charity.

Have you ever pushed someone up a mountain and supported a good cause at the same time?

On January 1, I will head to the Ecuadorian Andes with four other climbers and three professional guides to climb five summits over eight days and raise money for charity. Please join us in donating to Doctors Without Borders.

The expedition: The triple goal is to reach the summit of the world’s tallest active volcano[1] (Mt. Cotopaxi, 19,347 feet (5,897 meters)), the point farthest from the center of the earth (Mt. Chimborazo, 20,702 feet (6,310 meters)), and a cumulative altitude of three times Mt. Everest.

Our expedition is a far cry from an Everest ascent, but it will be extremely challenging nevertheless. We have been preparing for this for many months, and want to once again seize the opportunity to make a difference. Many thanks to those who contributed during last year’s Mt. Rainier climb, where we raised $4,000 in a similar fund raising effort.

How it works: You donate by 12/31 directly to Doctors Without Borders via link that we have set up at 100% of your donation will go to Doctors Without Borders; none of it is intended to benefit us climbers or our guides in any way.

Why Doctors Without Borders? Doctors Without Borders is a wonderful global, non-political organization that addresses some of the world’s most acute medical needs in crisis areas.

Why not a contingent donation? Why not make the amount of your donation dependent upon the success of the expedition? We wanted to keep things simple. In addition, conditions are unpredictable, and there is no telling how we will adapt to the extreme altitude. We did not want to create bad or potentially dangerous incentives for the team. This simple arrangement ensures that Doctors Without Borders wins, even if our expedition is not a complete success. Your generous support, and the mere fact of telling you of our attempt, will provide enough added incentive to keep pushing when things get tough.

Learn more: If you would like to learn more about this region of Ecuador, click here. For information on Mt. Cotopaxi, click here, and for Mt. Chimborazo (including an explanation of why the summit of Chimborazo is farther from the center of the earth than Everest), click here.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

[1] This statistic is subject to some debate, depending on what you consider active. Its taller rivals are Llullaillaco and Ojos del Salado, although their most recent eruptions go back to 1877 and approximately 700 AD, respectively, whereas Cotopaxi has erupted more than 50 times since 1738, including several eruptions in the first half of the 20th century.

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