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We are building an all-purpose indoor equestrian educational arena to facilitate year round programs and expand family services.

Since the late 1990’s, Eagles’ Wings has focused on serving young girls through education and facilitation with the use of horses. Using biblical principles and teaching “the horse language” other wise known as “horse whispering” girls learn the art of effective communication. Learning about horses and how they interact in the herd teaches girls a variety of life lessons about human interaction and behaviors.

Because horses are social herd animals they have a pecking order – that same system plays out in society on virtually every level from the family dynamic to school and in the work place -- the pecking order constitutes respect, hard work, advancement, ability and submission to authority. Learning and developing much-needed life and communication skills allow a girl to be more receptive to personal disciplines such as anger management, self-control, persistence, hard work and coming under authority. It also helps develop critical thinking skills as well as conflict resolution and problem solving. The relevancy of the horse whispering techniques challenges girls to recognize and work on negative behaviors and responses to everyday situations in their own lives with family members, friends, peers, teachers and other adults.

The whisper is the suggestion of touch to a horse without the actual physical contact. When you have your horse at the point they move in any direction you ask at the “whisper” then you have achieved the art of communication and understanding. Together horse and trainer are working toward a common goal. This is a beautiful correlation of what can happen in a young girl’s life when she is in cooperation with God and His plan for her life. The goal of teaching through the horse is to generate a keen sense of awareness of the full potential of each girl that comes to Eagles’ Wings. When a girl is, at first, connected with a horse and is implementing and practicing the horse language her focus is on bettering the horse but as she engages more and more in the communication and trust of the horse staff members are able to help her connect the varying degrees of her own body language and tone of voice – now it becomes about her more so than the horse. In the end it becomes unity. The girl, as the leader, being trusted and learning to trust. In conclusion, girls that are attuned to the horse and its language become softer in their own responses to people. They become pro active and keenly aware of (people) what is being said by either themselves or the people around them just by reading body language and listening to what is being said in between the lines.

Being able to work with young girls and their families on a full-time basis, year round and undisturbed by weather elements and daylight is paramount to the expansion of our services in this four state area of WV, VA, MD & PA.

This Indoor “Equestrian Educational” Arena will allow us the ability to expand services to meet the needs of the family dynamic through counseling and seminars using horses and their language. Once built, this indoor arena will continue to change lives long after, we, who are reading this will be. ITherefore, it is with strong passion for this generation that I urge each of you to consider a gift donation of any size to help bring this facility into a reality. Make it a legacy! Thank You.

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