Robert Kelly

Didges for Do-ers

Robert Kelly 's fundraiser for AMAZON INSTITUTE

Size 550x415 bark abstract c2a9 2011 christopher martin 23421

The colorful bark of a eucalyptus, the wood traditionally used by aboriginees for making didgeridoos

Size 550x415 standing%20didge

Here's the didgeridoo which will be raffled away on June 30. Standing about 4 feet tall, it is tuned to the key of D.

Size 550x415 inside%20didge

This is the inside of the didge with a dash of Sun shining through

Size 550x415 diagonal%20didge%20with%20markings

Look at one of the larger beauty marks on the didgeridoo, further adding to it's character. It looks like Africa to me.

My fundraiser is for the Amazon Institute. Each $10 donation will enter for a chance to win a didgeridoo that I have made.

Everybody knows “the Lungs of The Planet” could use a little recovery; I am setting up a raffle here in order to support those who are helping with the recovery of the destroyed forests of the Amazon through reforestation. The forest at hand is the Atlantic Rain Forest of which 95% has been destroyed, and counting. The Amazon Institute has taken on the task of reforestation through the adopt-a-tree program which plants trees in the name of donors. It is this Adopt-a-Tree program which the monetary funds collected will go. To learn more visit:

As with any raffle there is a prize/incentive to donate; that prize is a didgeridoo which I have harvested and made. These instruments are associated with the aborigines of Australia. Unlike the Aborigines who used eucalyptus limbs hallowed out by termites, I have constructed these didgeridoos from the stalk of the agave cactus. These didgeridoos are very light and locally harvested from my surrounding area, Sarasota, Fl. This practice is completely sustainable as the stalk is harvested after it has gone to seed.

To get a chance to win a handcrafted didgeridoo, but most significantly support the reforestation and recovery of a devastated ecosystem, contribute a donation. Every donation of any amount will be accepted.

Each $10 donation will enter your name for 1 raffle ticket. On June 30 one ticket will be chosen and the winner will be notified, upon acceptance receive a handmade didgeridoo.

Thank you,

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