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Diabetic Alert Dog for REBECCA!

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Rebecca is a fourteen year old with Type 1 Diabetes. She needs a service animal, a Diabetic Alert Dog, to help her manage the disease.

Rebecca needs a Diabetic Alert Dog to assist with the management of type 1 diabetes.

Our beautiful daughter is insulin dependent. For her, that means pricking her fingers at least four times every single day and injecting insulin four times. Think of that for a moment . . . how incredibly unpleasant. There is no day off, no vacation, from needle sticks and blood sugar checks.

Rebecca did nothing to deserve this life-altering disease but she is burdened with it for life. We are determined to do anything and everything to promote a long, joyous life for her.

This nasty Type 1 Diabetes is basically the result of a non-functioning pancreas. Every aspect of life impacts the level of insulin necessary for survival. Increased activity levels, diet, stress, and hormonal changes have huge implications that are often unpredictable. Imagine walking into your child’s room only to find her non-communicative. Her eyes are fixed and dilated and her teeth are clinched. The ambulance arrives. The paramedics and firemen, our heroes, are compassionate and diligent. Within fifteen minutes, Rebecca is alert and has no memory of the incident.

Why do these life-threatening episodes occur? Why can’t Rebecca recognize the signs of dangerous blood sugar levels and treat accordingly? Rebecca is hypoglycemic unaware. Oftentimes, she is unable to sense the signs of low blood sugar. Because low sugar levels leave her confused and unable to function, she is incapable of counteracting the low.

After three years of uncontrolled Type 1 Diabetes and numerous ambulance rides, we have discovered a fabulous life-saving tool – the Diabetic Alert Dog. These highly trained scent dogs are a living, relentless detection device.

In May, our family attended a workshop to observe Diabetic Alert Dogs (DAD) in action. Rebecca personally experienced the intelligence and action of a DAD. On two separate occasions, one of these highly trained animals alerted her to dangerous sugar levels. Unbelievable! We had never seen these dogs and yet they could detect and alert! We were in awe!

A service dog will allow Rebecca more freedom and greater independence. She will be able to participate in many more typical teenage activities; learning to drive, hanging out with friends, going to parties, not being with one of her parents every moment, etc. Most of all, greater control of her diabetes will lessen the chances of long-term, devastating complications – kidney damage, brain damage, amputations, blindness and even death.

A Diabetic Alert Dog is a much needed diabetes management tool that is not covered by medical insurance. PLEASE help us in our struggle to provide for our daughter so that she can avoid a tragic fate.

For more information on Diabetic Alert Dogs, visit

For more information about Type 1 Diabetes, visit

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