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This is 14 year old Markus

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Help for Children, Hope for Families

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This is 14 year old Markus, he wants to enjoy life without a backpack.

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This is 17 year old Noah

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This is Noah enjoying one of the prototypes of the PT(Physical Therapy) Rover we are working to create for him.

The generous donations of our supporters will allow DesignWise Medical to continue to develop solutions to children's unmet medical needs.

Brad Slaker, Founder of DesignWise Medical Walked 100 Kilometers on Give to the Max Day:

It's safe to say Brad Slaker, founder of DesignWise Medical is passionate about our cause, to develop needed medical devices for kids. His passion is reaching new levels at midnight as he begins a 100 Kilometer Walk4Kids. His walk, which coincides with Give to the Max Day, Minnesota's largest 24-hour online giving day will start in the Long Lake area along both sidewalks and bike trails.

"I wanted this first walk to reflect the fact that many children with health needs and their families often feel alone with their struggles. I am starting this walk alone with little pre-publicity but with your support throughout the day and beyond we will together send the message that these children and families are not alone" said Brad Slaker.

To follow Brad's walk visit the GPS Tracking Site ( or Facebook (


DesignWise Medical is a nonprofit pediatric medical device organization focused on identifying, developing, and facilitating the delivery of medical product solutions to the unmet and neglected needs of children. Through our unique philanthropic-based product development approach we are able to provide Help for Children and Hope for Families.


In the for-profit community investment dollars and development of medical devices for the pediatric market go unexplored due to poor return on investments even though the technology and the resources exist to solve these clinical problems. By creating a new model that leverages and solicits existing intellectual know-how to cost effectively develop medical devices; DesignWise Medical is able to develop products that are often ignored due to limited market size.


The pediatric medical device market is approximately only 1/10th as large as the adult medical device market. Therefore each product opportunity or need that exists in pediatrics is at most only 10% of a similar market for adults and when you factor in the market fragmentation due to the many diseases and developmental phases within pediatrics, any one pediatric opportunity can be very much smaller than any adult opportunity. With the market size of the pediatric opportunities less than the adult opportunities, a higher percentage of pediatric devices never get developed. It is these unmet needs that DesignWise Medical has been setup to address by removing the need to show a financial return on investment. The only thing we are requiring is a social return on our non-profit investment. This social return takes the form of improved outcomes for children through the use of products we developed over the currently available products/methods in use. If the product affects a small number of children or a large number of children it will receive the same level of attention and diligence from DesignWise Medical. What is important is the social-story, not the financial story.

Note from CEO:

DesignWise Medical's extensive network of friends and volunteers is what makes us unique in our approach to assembling the necessary resources around the development of needed medical devices for children. We are currently a volunteer based organization and in the first 36 months of existence have initiated the detailed development of six distinct medical devices that will have an easily recognizable social return on investment...i.e. improved clinical situation for effected children. It is this ability that is driven by the passionate involvement of our resources that will help ensure that we are able to make a positive difference in the lives of children.

Brad Slaker

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DesignWise Medical
5310 Salem Lane
Loretto, MN 55357

(612) 385-2015



The generous donations of our supporters will allow DesignWise Medical to continue to develop solutions to children's unmet medical needs.

EIN: 263416367

Reports: Guidestar


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