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This secure website is used to collect tax-deductible donations for construction of a Tilapia Farm near Port Au Prince Haiti.

This secure website is being used to collect funds raised at the 2nd Annual Concert on the Lake. Your donations are immediately tax-deductible. The funds will be combined with approximately $12,000 of excess funds from our previous fundraiser (to pay for a large truck in Haiti after the earthquake). At that time, we stated that any excess funds would be used to purchase on-the-ground assets to assist with the recovery after the earthquake. After speaking with several donors, we believe creating a small business that provides sustainable jobs, adds value in the economy, helps provide a food source, and helps Haitians help themselves, is a great use of the funds!

Funds will be used to help Healing Haiti (www.healinghaiti.org ) construct a tilapia farm at a cost of approximately $50,000. The fish farm will help provide jobs to local Haitians and will instill an entreprenuarial spirit. Profits from the fish farm will be shared with the workers and also used to help fund additional ventures.

Healing Haiti is an organization started by our friends, Jeff Gacek and Alyn Shannon. They have been doing great work in Haiti since 2007 after selling their printing business. Jeff and Alyn have been dedicated to helping the people of Haiti. Healing Haiti operates 2 water trucks delivering fresh water to the people in the slum of Cite Soleil, funds the operation of several orphanages and schools, and is constructing a new orphanage, feeding center, and elder care facility on land they purchased in Titanyen, just North of Port Au Prince. Please visit their website to see the great work they are doing.

We are suggesting a donation of $50 per attendee at the concert, which includes the performance, soft drinks, beer, wine, and dinner (pulled pork sandwhiches and side servings). If you cannot afford this amount, feel free to donate whatever you are comfortable donating -- all are welcome!!! If you can afford to donate beyond $50 per person, feel free to do so if you are so compelled. As with all money raised by Healing Haiti, all funds collected will be used responsibly.

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