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The garbage the residents of Manshiyet Nasser are tasked with sorting and recycling

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The city of Manshiyet Nasser

I'm a member of the Egypt Team that is going into the heart of Cairo to help out those that need it most!

If I were you, I would probably be thinking, “Dan is going on a mission trip?!”

That’s a completely fair thought. I keep asking myself that too. I’m not the first person people think of when it comes to helping the poor, re-building damaged facilities or spending time with kids. Plus, I’m so busy. Work is really busy right now since I just moved to a new position (don’t worry, I am still at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) and this is not a good time to go on a mission trip. But I’m not sure if there is ever a “good time” to go on a mission trip. And I could probably come up with a list of reasons why I shouldn’t go (other people have told me reasons why I shouldn’t either), but I keep coming back to the two reasons I should – God loves people, and we need to be the hands and feet of Christ.

I’ve been trying to live that in the life I currently have. I mean it’s easy to pray for far off places and far off people, but loving who you live and work with is a challenge. I’ve been trying to see my life as a mission field, not just this trip. I have been active in local missions in the Washington DC area including leading a group of volunteers once a month to help out at a local food pantry/thrift store, helping out the children’s ministry at my church as well as serving as a member of our Hospitality team at the Potomac Yard campus of NCC.

It has been great to see the way God has used this new approach to everything from the way I tip at restaurants to the way I treat people in traffic. But now, it’s time to take the things I’ve learned to a new longitude and latitude.

This is going to be the first international missions trip I will be a part of and I am really stoked about it.I will be serving the people in Cairo, Egypt for ten days. While we are there, we are hoping to accomplish four items:

(1) Participate in local outreach/construction projects in a school and possibly a hospital that is in desperate need of renovations

(2) Be teaching English and providing love and care to both Muslim and Christian children who live in the poorest ara of Cairo known as Manshiyet Nasser

(3) Be a source of encouragement to a wonderful Coptic Church in the heart of the city who is passionate about reconciliation with Muslims and serving the poor

(4) Deepen our understanding of peace and conflict both past and present with Christian/Muslims in Egypt

Going wasn’t a hard decision. When it comes down to it, Jesus laid out a pretty simple religion for us, didn’t He? Love God, love others, and love ourselves. Nope, deciding to go was easy. Paying for it however, is a real challenge.

To be honest with you, I just don’t have $1950 laying about the house. So, instead of selling my plasma 78 times (which I promised I wouldn’t do after college), I decided to set up this website and send the link to everyone I know and ask for something I don’t usually ask for, money. I’d love if you could financially support me on this mission trip. A little, a lot, any would be great. And if you want to know more about the trip, please let me know and I will give you a call.

If you are unable to support me financially, there is still something you can do. If you could pray about the trip, that would be great. As much as God loves mission trips, other people don’t. There will be a whole host of obstacles that pop up and entangle themselves around our ankles as we prepare to go love the people of Egypt. And knowing that you are praying would mean a lot to me.

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