Children's Villages of Honduras

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Education is key to breaking the cycle of Poverty. Your help will allow deserving Honduran students get a chance to attend the university.

TSSi, dba "Children's Villages of Honduras", exists to support "At Risk" children in this poverty stricken country.

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. It is a patriarchal society and males are favored over females in every facet of society. Children without an education have very little opportunity to escape poverty.

Honduras suffers from widespread illiteracy, more than 40% of the general population, and girls fare even worse. Children are often pulled from school, either to help at home or sent out to work to provide income for the family. Those sent out to work often do so under the difficult conditions of long hours and low wages. They are not protected under Honduran Labor Laws. Poor and disadvantaged children are especially vulnerable to violence and abuse from their employers.

Evidence shows that education brings in many benefits, not only for the children themselves but also for their families and their communities and society at large in terms of economic growth. Investing in childrens' education is the key to reducing poverty and bettering the lives of families in Honduras.

CVoH supports abandoned, orphaned and disenfranchised children who desire to improve their chances of becoming self-sufficient by completing their education through High School, Trade School or University. Students are required to have good attendance and adequate grades to qualify for the SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. Students are also expected to work part time to help with expenses.

CVoh will retain a staff member in Honduras to manage the SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, with oversight by the US Board of Directors.

With your help, we will continue to expand our SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM for female students in High School, Trade School or University. With your help we can break this cycle of poverty and improve the lives of Honduran girls and women.

Please review the various opportunities to support our girls with monthly donations to assure a brighter future for girls and young adults through the CVoH SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.

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Organization Information

Children's Villages of Honduras
8725 COLUMBINE RD # 44400

(952) 975-3682



Education is key to breaking the cycle of Poverty. Your help will allow deserving Honduran students get a chance to attend the university.

EIN: 411728329

Reports: Guidestar


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