Cupid - Making his Valentines Day a great one with more to come


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A team comes together to save a deformed puppy dumped in a snowbank and left in the ditch.

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Cupid's 3rd WCCO story (After surgery):

3.11.14 Today Cupid is at the U of M and getting surgery done on his legs thanks to all of you!! Please wish him luck. After today, he will be in splints for 6+ weeks and then he will get xrays taken again and if everything looks good, he will start therapy. We hope everything goes smoothly and can't wait to see this little guy running around with the big dogs :) We can't thank you enough for your support with Cupid!

3.3.14 Update: Today Cupid has his first visit at the U of M. He just loved the staff there and they were wonderful with him! They looked him over as well as his xrays. They felt he looked really good and didn't find any other abnormalities besides his front legs and jaw. They think these things are unrelated (which means the jaw is unfortunately likely due to trama of some sort). They thought he has developed nicely in all other areas of his body and that he is a very unusual case.

They didn't find what you would normally expect to find in dogs that are born this way. They plan to do surgery next week on his legs and re-rotate his front legs than splint them for about 6 weeks. After this he will have to have them reexamined and go through therapy. They believe his legs will be able to be straightened and their hopes are high because he is so young and still a puppy.

WCCO did a story that aired on Saturday March 1st and they want to meet and do a follow up story again this week so stay tuned! :) Thank you SO much to everyone who has donated towards his care. The outpouring generosity is simply amazing and we are so glad the public loves him as much as we do within the rescue. We are so grateful for the wonderful donors to help make this possible and give him the 2nd chance he deserves!

Original Posting: On Feb 13th we received word that there was a 3 month old puppy in a local impound who needed help. He was there because someone found him in a snowbank in the ditch and brought him in. We were told he might have "rickets" which is a vitamin D deficiency which can cause limb deformities. Otherwise a birth defect, or carpel hyperflextion syndrome. We just dont know but this little guys front legs don't work :( His feet are both curled in and he cannot walk on them. He hobbles around on the ouside of his legs. He also has a facial deformity where his nose is crooked a little bit. We are not sure what he has been through until we found him, but we decided we are going to save him and name him Cupid! (Fitting right, since we saved him on Valentines Day ;))

The first day is stray hold was up (Feb 14th 2014) we sprung him from the impound and got him into a foster home. As soon as he left the pound and came to our rescue office he couldn't get enough attention from people! He absolutely loves everyone and is the sweetest dog ever. He has a lot of energy and despite his deformity he hobbles and jumps around just fine!

However, it will just be a matter of time before his legs are sore and the hair wares off his arms from walking this way.

We need to get him seen by a specialist asap and get xrays, blood work, and therapy done ASAP. The sooner we can get him in and have him evaluated to see if he has rickets or what the underlying problem is, the sooner we can start his therapy/surgery/recovery. (We are not sure yet what the diagnosis will be or treatment).

We are hoping we can save him and turn his life around. We are all hoping he will walk someday. Maybe he was born this way and he has never walked on his feet to this day? This could very well be a possibility. However, we want to try and change this for him. We are asking for the public's help to contribute to his care and vet bills or other special requests that might come up once we learn what his needs will be.

Cupid deserves a chance. We can't imagine the testing and therapy will be cheap nor quick and easy, but we have volunteers and fosters who are willing to take the chance (THANK YOU)!

Any donations towards Cupid's care are greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible and we will keep everyone posted on his diagnosis, progress, and outcome. We hope for the best! Thank you in advance for helping us save him!! :) What a wonderful Valentines present.

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