Mike Roth

CTK "300" Releasing God's Riches under the authority of God and His Word to multiply the church worldwide.

Mike Roth 's fundraiser for International Cooperating Ministries

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Lokapel Church in Kenya, Africa...we are funding their church building...please help.

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Pastor Joseph of the Lokapel Church

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CTK Church in Cambodia

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CTK Youth Fund-raiser for Chapel in Vietnam

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Mike Roth sharing with a church in Colombia

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CTK Church in Vietnam

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Pastor Al with Orphans in Medellin, Colombia

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CTK Church in Tanzania, Africa

The "300" is inspired by the story of Gideon in Judges 7 where God used 300 soldiers to win a battle and bring glory to himself.

Here's the vision. Imagine for a moment what 300 individuals or families can do if we are willing to allow God to lead? Individually, $33 might not go very far. however when 300 CTK congregants combine their $33, that will fund a church in Kenya, Africa. If we all make a monthly commitment of $33, we can fund on average, 1 church building every month. Based on the ICM multiplication of churches, within 3 years 60 more churches will be planted. This makes an eternal world of difference.

The Lokapel Church started as a result of a home fellowship that was started in 2007 by Pastor Joseph Ekai who is married with 4 children. He found that many people could not attend church from the next village because of the 25 kilometer walk was just too far..

He started a home fellowship and eventually the fellowship grew up and they started a church is now under the leadership of Pastor Joseph.

This church has brought light in this village of Lokapel which is on the boarder of Kenya and Uganda.

You might think that $33/month doesn't get very much done, but together we can make a massive impact for Church Growth. In the Gospel of John, Jesus fed 5,000 with five loaves of bread and 2 fish. again in Matthew and Mark, Jesus fed the multitude with 7 loaves and a few small fish...what will he do with our loaves and fish?

There are thousands upon thousands of congregations without a place to worship and lack bible study materials for discipleship. The CTK "300" will, one at a time, help provide the resources to build churches and provide discipleship materials to congregations around the world who seek to reach their nation for Jesus Christ.

Reasons to partner with ICM:

1. Proven results: Over 4000 churches in 60+ countries in the last 25 years.

2. Church Multiplication: Each church built agrees to plant 5 daughter congregations in the next 3 years.

3. Discipleship: Believers are discipled using the Mini Bible College, a devotional overview of the bible from Genesis through Revelation with additional lessons on Family & Marriage and the Sermon on the Mount. It is translated into over 28 languages and distributed in print and on a solar powered MP3 type player affectionately known as a "God Pod".

4. Indigenous Evangelism-ICM partners with in-country ministry leaders, helping to equip them and their churches to evangelize their nation for Jesus Christ.

5. Great investment-100% of your desinated donation goes directly to your chosen project. In addition, $1 will be matched for every $2 donated. That means your dollar is worth $1.50.

$33! It's not much, but God can multiply it. 300 men against a whole army, fish and bread...I mean come on, this is what HE does. Who's in?"

How can you help? Partner with the "300" OR begin your own project "300" team to help grow the church worldwide.

Razoo gives you all the tools to leverage your social networks and promote your team...Begin today!

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