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Schools not Slavery

I spent a year volunteering with Beyond Borders through their Apprenticeship in Shared Living Program. I lived in rural Haiti with a Haitian family and fell in love with the country and culture.

Child slavery is still a huge problem for the country and Beyond Borders is dedicated to finding solutions that work for communities in the long run. The Accelerated Education Program provides education to children who are too old to enter first grade and at risk of being sent into slavery.

My goal is to raise $2,400; enough to support a year of education for a class of 30 students. Every donation will be matched dollar for dollar. I truly appreciate whatever support you can give, if you can't afford a donation, please share this with your friends and help spread the word to give children in Haiti schools, not slavery.

Here is more information about the program:

Children Trapped in Slavery: Haitian parents are no different from parents elsewhere. They love their children and want them to grow up at home.

Still, tens of thousands of rural Haitian parents decide each year to send their children away to live with families in distant towns or cities. These parents do so in the often vain hope that their child will be sent to school. In fact, about half of these children become trapped in a form of modern slavery called restavèk.

More than a quarter million Haitian children are living this nightmare, working every waking hour without time to rest, play, or form friendships. Many experience chronic abuse, neglect, and humiliation.

Schools Not Slavery: Beyond Borders is working to build a social movement to end child slavery in Haiti.

As part of our strategy we equip rural schools to identify and provide accelerated education for older unschooled children who are at greatest risk for being sent away.

The Schools Not Slavery campaign provides funds to equip schools and train teachers in this approach that not only prevents parents from sending their children into slavery but leads many to go and rescue children they have already sent away.

Children become students rather than slaves, growing up with the liberating power of education.

Our goal is to raise $24,000 by November 30. Gifts up to this goal will be matched dollar-for-dollar by our friends at Equitas Group. These funds will support the expansion of this effort into ten schools.

Please donate now and spread the word through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

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Beyond Borders, Inc.
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Beyond Borders is working to end child slavery & prevent violence against women and girls in Haiti.

EIN: 232713126

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