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Support Youth Programming in Washington! Let's reopen the Mazama Outward Bound Basecamp!

Leia Berg 's fundraiser for Northwest Outward Bound School

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Welcome to the North Cascades! A place that has inspired me in so many ways... alone, with friends, and with students!

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This is Me! I am an Outward Bound Instructor (among other things), lover of life, and I believe firmly in the power of..

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Quiet places. Places of reflection. Places of Adventure!! Look can you find the Mountain Goats?

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Outward Bound takes students out here! And their experiences are life changing!

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I have seen it! Been a part of it myself! Living in a small community for a week+, with real leadership opportunities

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You break out of your shell! Discover new things!

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And then there is peace!.......

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Outward Bound instructors are amazing dynamic teachers: balancing challenge with support, just enough....

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Please support the Mazama basecamp and Outward Bound, so that we can continue delivering these amazing programs!

The Outward Bound Mazama Basecamp was closed this last year, and we are on a mission ourselves to get this place up and running!

Dear Family and Friends,

As you all know I have been working for Outward Bound for the last 10+ years. It is a place of inspiration, growth, and learning: where we take youth and young adults out into the wilderness for 7 day, 10 day, 22+ days on rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, and mountaineering adventure courses. (and more!) The experience is extremely impactful. Not only are we teaching the technical skills to live comfortably in these enviroments but life skills that students will take with them for a life time. It is an incredible organization that definitely makes a difference in the lives of our participants, sometimes life changing! If it wasn't an incredible organization I wouldn't have worked there so long!

So, what is this about? The Washington Outward Bound Basecamp shut down last year as financial times were tough. I am living in Washington now and many of my friends and people dear to me work at this basecamp. I know from experience that a basecamp is like a family!, you get so close to all your co-workers that some become life long friends and loved ones. A base closure is huge; not to mention that Washington is one of the most beautiful course areas and does such great work with youth. I have always wanted to work at the Mazama basecamp and the year that I applied to work there it closed.

So here we are. Grassroots organizing with the most dedicated and passionate staff, to re-open Mazama!! The Mazama staff believe so much in what they are doing, that this effort has been entirely 100% volunteer work.

As we have started this fundraising campaign, I have been continually impressed by the intentional thought and organization that has gone into this effort. Recently, the Board of Directors has approved the decision to re-open and all that is left is to raise the start-up money to get things back going until funds come in from enrollment. Any thing you can do to help this cause is appreciated. From small donations (lots of people doing a little... amounts to a lot!) to large donations, to telling your friends about this cause.

Thank you so much in advance. Call me with questions! And I will tell you stories! Much love to you all and thanks for taking the time to make a difference with something that I am so passionate about!


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The mission of Northwest Outward Bound School is to change lives through challenge and discovery.

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