Leigha Sprinkle

Compassion for Connecticut --Sandy Hook Tragedy

Leigha Sprinkle 's fundraiser for Sandy Hook PTA

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Size 550x415 connecticut  dawn  2429972k

Dawn Hochsprung, 46, principal

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Daniel Barden, seven

Size 550x415 sandy%20hook%20shooting%20victims

Charlotte Bacon, six

Size 550x415 nancy lanza 2429955k

Nancy Lanza, 52, gunman's mother

Size 550x415 james mattioli 2429960k

James Mattioli, six

Size 550x415 dylan hockley 2429946k

Dylan Hockley, six

Size 550x415 connecticut victor 2429950k

Victoria Soto, 27, teacher

Size 550x415 connecticut  rache 2429976k

Rachel D'Avino, 29, school staff

Size 550x415 connecticut olivia 2429964k

Olivia Engel, six

Size 550x415 connecticut noah p 2429963k

Noah Pozner, six

Size 550x415 connecticut mary s 2429948k

Mary Sherlach, 56, psychologist

Size 550x415 connecticut lauren 2429956k

Lauren Rousseau, 30, teacher

Size 550x415 connecticut  josep 2429970k

Josephine Gay, seven

Size 550x415 connecticut jessic 2429954k

Jessica Rekos, six

Size 550x415 connecticut jesse  2429979k

Jesse Lewis, six

Size 550x415 connecticut jack p 2429962k

Jack Pinto, six

Size 550x415 connecticut grace  2429959k

Grace McDonnell, seven

Size 550x415 connecticut emilie 2429952k

Emilie Parker, six

Size 550x415 connecticut  ana m 2429969k

Ana Marquez-Greene, six

Size 550x415 connecticut anne m 2429953k

Anne Marie Murphy, 52, school staff

Size 550x415 connecticut aviele 2429971k

Avielle Richman, six

Size 550x415 connecticut benjam 2430007k

Benjamin Wheeler, six

Size 550x415 connecticut caroli 2429947k

Caroline Previdi, six

Size 550x415 connecticut cather 2429968k

Catherine Hubbard, six

Size 550x415 connecticut chase  2429965k

Chase Kowalski, seven

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Size 550x415 sandy hook elementary school in newtown
Size 550x415 sandy hook elementary school relatives
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Donations will go to the Sandy Hook PTA; Promoting the welfare of the children.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that, hate cannot drive out hate; only LOVE can do that." Martin Luther King Jr.

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Organization Information

Sandy Hook PTA
MONROE, CT 06468

EIN: 066185553

Reports: Guidestar


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