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Compassion diet - Rice & Beans for a week. Laura Holderfield.

Laura Holderfield 's fundraiser for THE ORPHANETWORK

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Rice & Beans for an entire week (April 5-9th) because that's what the children that are holding my heart eat every single day...


Skip one steak this month and feed one child FOR a month!! Most of you know that I love dearly the children of Nicaragua and they have a very special place in my heart. Nicaragua is an extremely poor country with a very unequal distribution of wealth.

The kids above are some of beautiful kids I was blessed by God to meet during my spring break trip this past March of 2010 to Nica. The two children on the left are brother and sister, as well as the two on the right. All four children are cousins. They are at Iglesia Verbo, (name of church) a feeding center in Nueva Vida (city meaning "new life") in Nicaragua. One of the things God showed me this past year in Nicaragua was the importance of family - between kinfolk and christians. The picture above was taken during a meal time we were able to help with one day. We prepared the food and our hearts were humbled as we served the children their meal of rice and beans. For most of the children it was the only meal they were going to eat the entire day - and for some; it wasn't even THEIR meal. There were 4 year old girls going through the line with their 2 year old brothers acting with the responsibility of 35 year old mothers. They would quietly receive their serving of rice and beans, walk back to their picnic table and immediately pack up the food in plastic bags to take home. Were they taking it home to their parents? Were they taking it home to their sick younger siblings? I'll never know. Were they taking it home because they wanted to...or because they had to...

I was humbled as I sat watching the little girls packing up their food with hungry eyes and rumbling stomachs. I KNOW for a fact they were hungry - and they wanted badly to be able to eat their rice and beans with the other kids. But for whatever reason, they were taking it home to their family. God taught me that the children in Nicaragua are no different than my brothers in America. I have two brothers, one younger and one older, that I love with every part of my being. I realized that if ANYTHING happened to either Jay or Jacob, I would immediately devote my time to helping them. God showed me that the children in Nicaragua are no different than Jay and Jacob because they too are my brothers... they are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is now a passion of mine to help these Children and God has placed a special burden on my heart for them.

Want to help?? 1) join me in prayer for the children 2) Donate.

Any amount is greatly appreciated. All money donated will go towards the feeding center in Nueva Vida to help make sure these kids have food to eat. Not once have I ever been unsure of when my next meal would be. I can't image how these kids feel not knowing if they are going to be able to eat when they wake up in the morning. However, these kids are always happy. ALWAYS genuinely filled with joy. They have nothing...yet they are so happy to be alive. It's contagious. Hopefully you can see this in the picture. These children are truly living on a miracle - on faith that Jesus Christ will provide their needs.. and he always does.

Will you help us?

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Our mission is rescue abandoned, abused, and orphaned children, and to prevent vulnerable children from becoming abandoned.

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