Claire Carder

Claire Carder fundraising for Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester's 2013 Marathon Team

Claire Carder 's fundraiser for Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester

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Dizzy Daze 12 hr. run in Seattle. Perfect weather. I ran a 50K as my last long training run.

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Bead pins for participation.

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Names tags for the Running Club - they help me remember names and hold participation beads.

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Poster for the new Regence Boys and Girls Club Running Club.

Please help me get to Boston by raising funds for the great programs at Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester!

April 11, 2013 - Off to Boston tomorrow early! Very excited, hope I'm ready to run. I am ready to meet the team and enjoy the event. Run far, run for fun!

April 7, 2013 -- Wow! We had the wine tasting fund-raiser on Saturday and we had a great turnout. Lots of folks from the neighborhood, as well as running and family friends came out on a rainy spring day to taste Oregon wines at the Maplewood Coffee Shop, an old 1900 store that has re-opened as a neighborhood coffee house. Everyone said they had a great time and requested a repeat event. probably not this week. So I had the opportunity to get the word out to more folks about the great work of the Boys and Girls Clubs and am so pleased with the support. Now - just need to get to the start line! See you!

21-March-2013 -- We've been running at the Regence BGC for seven weeks now. The kids come to say "Hi" when I come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and look for their name tag. Sometimes they make a new one, just because they can, and I have no shortage of helpers - holders of both the stopwatch and the clipboard with the activity plan that I seldom follow. The stopwatch has been a big hit and we've found really creative uses for it - like Timer Tag. I tried music on Tuesday. The runners liked the music but it wasn't as easy as I thought it might make the running. We had fun anyway.

Spring arrived last week. We had two spring activities: Speed lawn daisy picking, and the Bunny Run, which is a long run/sprint to check whether the bunny is in the bunny burrow at the base of the large pawlonia tree in the park. The cherry trees started booming last week, but this week we've had a return to wintertime temps. I'm off to Seattle for my last long run, the Dizzy Daze Ultra, before Boston. Go Runners! I look forward to meeting the team soon.

31-Jan-2013 -- I've met with the kids at the Regence BGC six times since the beginning of the year. What lively, fun kids and great staff! We've made posters, talked about running and, finally, done some running. Running outside is the favorite activity by far! We start with a half-dozen kids, go outside, get warmed-up, line-up to run, and suddenly I have 15 kids at the start line, smiling and jumping up and down. Everyone gets a turn starting the races, which are all sprints, contrary to my initial concept. The weather is mild here and we hope this means more outside running time, and the transition to getting a distance base established and a regular routine. We're having fun now!

17-Jan-2013 --Today I made posters with the kids at BGC here in Portland to recruit for our running club, using the "Mighty Milers" program on the NYRR website to get kids running early. The kids are so excited! I proposed this as a "pilot" program here in Portland to help kids establish a healthy lifestyle - that includes running or being active. I am so excited! Since I can't be in Boston, I'm working here in my community to make a difference for kids.

Dec. 31, 2012 -- Please help me with my goal - to raise funds to support the Dorchester (Boston) Boys and Girls Club programs on my way to run the Boston Marathon!

The Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester supports more than 200 programs at three sites that serve more than 4,000 Boston area children. Its a great organization and I am very proud to be on the marathon team.

I can't tell a story about how the Boys and Girls Club helped me - I wish I had a Boys and Grils Club in my neighborhood when I was growing up, but I moved around and never had the opportunity to be a member. However, I know the BGC makes a huge difference for children. Those who know me know that I care deeply about children and I am thrilled to be working to support this organization. I hope you will share my enthusiasm and contribute to the continuing good work of this organization.

And I have plans with the local Boys and Girls Club - so please check back as 2013 unfolds!

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Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester
1135 Dorchester Ave
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Three Dorchester Clubhouses serving more than 4,000 children and offering more than 200 programs all for $5.

EIN: 237076465

Reports: Guidestar

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