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City of Lakes Waldorf School educates children with joy, encouraging them to meet the world with reverence, nobility and authentic action.

Imbue thyself with the power of imagination, Have courage for the truth, Sharpen thy feeling for responsibility of soul. – Rudolf Steiner


As City of Lakes Waldorf School enters its twenty-fifth year, we are in a wonderful position to both reflect back and to look forward. When we look back, we see all the good work that has been done in the past by parents, staff and students to create the school we are today. We see the fruits of our labor in the remarkable graduates that have stepped out into the world. When we look forward, we are inspired by all the possibilities for further growth and development that are calling to us out of a future imagination.

We have dedicated this year to imagining what is next and to laying the groundwork for the next twenty-five years. Through a comprehensive self-study that is a part of our reaccreditation, a strategic planning process led by our Board of Trustees and new marketing efforts that will further extend our reach into the community, we are defining a clear path for our next phase of growth. We look forward to involving current and alumni families in our envisioning and planning process.

As a Waldorf school, we have set ourselves a tall task: providing the remarkable gifts of a Waldorf education to young people in a dynamic, urban, American environment. To fulfill our mission we must strive to be fully awake and to continue to educate our students for an unknown future in an emerging world.

Our work together brings great meaning and purpose to our lives and prepares our children to have the courage and capacity to meet the opportunities and challenges ahead with creativity, intelligence and joy.

Please join us in celebrating the past, contributing to the present, and imagining the future. May we continue to work together in a spirit of true collaboration acknowledging that the strength, growth and excellence of our school are enhanced by our individual striving as parents, coworkers and friends.


Like other private, independent schools, we rely on philanthropic dollars to fulfill our mission and cover our operating expenses. All gifts to are tax-deductible. Your gift will support a broad range of school operations, including these priority initiatives:

  • ensuring our fiscal health and stability
  • sustaining programs such as Eurythmy and other special subject programs
  • providing tuition assistance for families whose children would otherwise be unable to attend CLWS
  • maintenance, renovation, and expansion of our historic home

Why the Annual Giving Campaign?

Our Annual Giving Campaign supports 8% of our school’s budget. It is our most important appeal for financial support beyond tuition dollars given its ambitious goal and great potential for broad participation.

The Annual Giving Fund “fills the gap” between what is charged in tuition and the actual cost of providing a Waldorf education to every student. Without these funds, we would have to charge at least $1,200 more per student in tuition. We rely on these tax-deductible gifts to bridge the gap and meet our operating needs each year. Annual gifts help to provide the highest quality education possible and keep tuition affordable so that more students can benefit from a Waldorf education.

Our campaign goals are to raise $150,000 and to reach 100% participation from current families. We depend on participation from parents, faculty, staff, Board members, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, and friends of the school to reach our goals. The amount of each gift isn’t nearly as important as participation – at any level. Some give $5, others give $25,000. We ask you to give a gift that is significant and meaningful to you and your family. Your full participation demonstrates our community’s commitment to our school’s mission and encourages other funders to support us as well.

With your help, we will meet our 25th anniversary goals, one family – and one gift – at a time.

Make a difference in our 25th year – Support our Annual Giving Campaign today! Thank you in advance for your generosity.

CITY OF LAKES WALDORF SCHOOL • 2344 NICOLLET AVE. S. • MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55404 PH: 612-767-1550 • FAX: 612-767-1551

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2344 Nicollet Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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City of Lakes Waldorf School educates children with joy, encouraging them to meet the world with reverence, nobility and authentic action.

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