Choral Chameleon - Changing The Voice of Choral Music


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Choral Chameleon - Changing The Voice of Choral Music

Changing the voice of choral music!

Choral Chameleon was founded in New York City in January of 2008 by Vince Peterson with the purpose of filling a truly observable musical need. Though there is a staggering breadth of choral music to be heard in NYC, all of the groups that Vince was hearing were either devoted entirely to one kind of music or not at all considerate of the listeners. Popular music groups dismissed western art music as inaccessible, while high-caliber concert music groups labeled popular music as insubstantial and void of real musical ideas. Meanwhile, Vince was witnessing division and prejudice in his own life - towards his dearest friends, relatives, and himself. This all served as a reminder of the trivial matters that can separate us all from each other and damage our relationships.

Choral Chameleon was formed as a way of uniting different groups of people through the art of ensemble singing. Uniting singers of varied and dynamic musical into a unique and unified 12-voice instrument, Vince has sought to speak an actual universal language. They come from wide-ranging professional experiences in opera, theater, jazz, pop, and ethnic musics both sacred and secular, and early music, baroque, and 20th century styles alike. The result is an ever-changing, idiomatically virtuous, and spontaneously transforming sound never experienced before in the concert hall. Choral Chameleon places the understanding of each style it performs at the very center of the rehearsal process, never resting until the inherent nuances of each piece are fully honored and preserved.

Choral Chameleon concert programs open doors for listeners of all ages by relating groups of repertoire to real human themes and topics which affect our daily lives. Without preaching or condescension, these programs speak honestly from the heart and gently remind the listener that there is hope for human goodness in the world and that they are not in it alone. Chameleon's work has already changed the lives of countless people who did nothing more than walk in the door and sit down to listen. They appeal to first-time choral concert-goers just as much as they do to seasoned listeners.

But Choral Chameleon's work does not stop there! In addition to its concert programs, the organization has launched an amazing educational outreach initiative that has already impacted the lives of hundreds of students in high school and college. The highlight of the CC Education Program is the annual Institute for composers and conductors, which boasts a world-class faculty, including multi-Grammy award winners, Vance George and Matthew Oltman, as well as Vince Peterson and other important figures in the world of modern choral music.

From (April 27th, 2012): "Constructing a chamber chorus out of singers with diverse backgrounds can incur significant risk if not committed carefully. Choral blend is fragile enough when all singers are on the same stylistic page, sharing the same lexicon and semiotics. Incompatible personalities alone can demolish any sense of ensemble. It is therefore a great credit to the musicians of Choral Chameleon and especially their director, Vince Peterson, that the group can so superbly and aptly tackle new works of varying aesthetic proclivities, perform each idiomatically, and yet not compromise its particular sound.

Choral Chameleon was founded in 2008 by Mr. Peterson in order to showcase his interests both in the contemporary a cappella choral classical repertoire and in pop and music theater, and in the wealth of singers available in New York who are not only fluent in popular stylings, but also possess first-class musicianship. The dozen voices that currently comprise the ensemble hail from the operatic, choral, Broadway, and pop scenes, and brilliantly not only avoid internal competition, but do impeccable work informing one another, through sound and phrasing, how to address their specialties."

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Changing the voice of choral music!

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