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The boys at Asha Mission, Kolkata - all crowded around one book!

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Help us start Children's Libraries at our Children's Homes in India, Thailand, Burma and Swaziland! GIVE BOOKS to GIVE HOPE!

It all started last Fall, when we took a Storybook to each of our Children's Homes in India, and a few educational books to The Refuge in Thailand. I always like to bring a little something for the kids when we come, and I was looking forward to having storytime with them and adding a book to their collection.

It didn't take long for me to realize - they don't have a "collection". There's maybe a handful of books at each of our Children's Home (if that many), and very few of them have pictures. It turns out that books are very expensive in these countries, and it's hard to find good copies of English books (without spelling mistakes or missing pages). A few minutes after I read a story to the boys at Asha Mission, Kolkata and handed over the book for them to keep, I looked over to see all 15 boys crowded around ONE storybook! I was heartbroken that they didn't EACH have their own book, and the wheels began to turn. I couldn't help but dream of shelves full of books that they could read until their hearts were content!

I immediately thought back to my own childhood and teenage years and remembered how much I LOVED reading. I thought about the shelves and cabinets stacked to the brim with books at my parent's house, the school library full of books I got to visit weekly in elementary school, the enormous library I explored in college, and the two public libraries at my fingertips at anytime. I couldn't believe that these children didn't have access to books the way I had, and I knew I wanted to change that! When I asked the children what they thought of the idea, they were ECSTATIC!

You see, books have POWER. They inspire literacy, aid in mental development, and encourage creativity. Books can of course educate, and they can also help children explore their imaginations! Whether or not these children ever have the opportunity to travel, they can go anywhere and be anything in a book!

We are so excited about the impact these libraries will have in the lives of our children!

We currently have 1 home in Thailand, 1 in a refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border, 3 in India, and a community center in Swaziland that we'll be equipping with books and bookshelves for the kids. Every Children's Home is different, with different ages and reading levels. Our plan is to take suitcases full of books each time we visit the homes (at least once a year) and to continue building the library year after year!

Here's where you come in! We'll have a book drive prior to each trip overseas, when people can send new or gently used books for the children. But we also need your generous donations to make this dream a reality!

We need $500 to help with the expenses for each Children's Library. These funds will cover our weight overage fees for our luggage, buy book shelves for each Children's Home, and purchase additional books for the libraries.

If you'd like to be a part of this project, then give a donation today. Every little bit will make a BIG difference in the life of a child!

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