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Chappie is extreemely friendly despite his injuries and his pain.

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Chappie on arrival at SouthEast Beagle Rescue

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Chappie at Parkway Animal Hospital awaiting xrays and examination

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Chappie in his kennel at the shelter where he sat for over 14 days untreated.

"Chappie" will need extensive surgery and medical care to fix a broken front leg and dislocated or rear leg.

UPDATE 03/08/2013: It has been just after 3 weeks since Chappie’s surgery to repair his broken left front leg. Yesterday the sutures and staples were removed and Dr. Corona was very happy with Chappie’s progress. The “plan” is now to wait two more weeks to give the bone in the left front leg time to get stronger and then perform the surgery to repair his dislocated hip. Once Chappie has recovered from the hip surgery, Dr. Corona will probably remove the pin holding the front leg bone together so it does not
migrate and interfere with the joint in that leg. Due to the complications the revised cost for Chappie’s medical expenses is now $3650 against which we have $2610 collected/pledged. I wish you could meet Chappie and see what a happy and loving boy he is even with all he has gone through. Thank you for helping us help Chappie!

UPDATE 2/25/13: CHAPPIE continues to improve and is starting to try to put a little weight on the leg that was broken. He is quite an amazing boy !! Chappie will be evaluated by the veterinarian on March 7th to schedule the next surgery to repair his dispocated hip.

CHAPPIE was hit by a car on January 22, 2013. This little Beagle Mix boy was left lying on Highway 29 in the Florida Panhandle. With a broken front leg and a dislocated back leg it is hard to believe he was able to pull himself off on to the side of the road. Animal Control brought him to the shelter where he was examined by a veterinarian and given some medication to try and manage his pain. He could only lie where they put him in Kennel #67 and wait for his owners to claim him, but they never came.

There was no medical treatment for his broken bones available at the shelter and after 14 days it seemed there was also no hope.

The first report we received on February 4th, with his photo, said he had only a broken front leg. As we worked to try and find a way to transport this broken Beagle Boy the 500 miles to SouthEast Beagle Rescue in Tampa, we found that he had additional injuries which included a damaged hip. We did not know how extensive his injuries would eventually turn out to be, but we did know that he did not need to spend any more days and nights lying on his concrete kennel floor untreated.

CHAPPIE has now been examined by our veterinarian and he has two major injuries: 1) Fractured humerus bone in the left front leg – will require surgery to insert a pin to hold the bone together and give it strength while it heals. 2) Dislocated right hip – because it was left untreated for so long the femur bone will not stay in place and surgery will be required to perform a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) where the head/ball of the femur bone is removed and then allowed to develop its own fibrous scar tissue resulting in a false joint for the femur bone. The shame is if the dislocation had been treated early on there is a good chance this surgery would not have been necessary. CHAPPIE has several other abrasions and road rash which should heal on their own The good news is that both of these procedures will fix his injuries and he should recover 100% after some Rest, Relaxation and lots of Rehabilitation!

There is no doubt that the cost of “Chappie’s” medical care far exceeds that which we had expected for repairing only a broken leg, but we had made a commitment to save this Beagle Boy and would not leave him to die at the shelter.

Your donation will help SouthEast Beagle Rescue help “Chappie” to return to health and be adopted by a new loving family.

Thank you!

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