Dumpling's selfie!


Size 550x415 new building

The new home of The Cat House is located at 3633 "O" St. Come see us in June and see what you have helped to accomplish!

Size 550x415 vinnie and bos

Vinnie and Bos plotting their next treat heist!

Size 550x415 img 0359

Abby dreaming of her forever home!

Size 550x415 img 0360

Dumpling's selfie!

Size 550x415 kittens

One of the first litters of kittens in 2015. Can anything be more adorable?

Size 550x415 010

Lulu and Gus, a beautiful couple were adopted together early this year!

Size 550x415 img 0362

Mango hanging out!

Size 550x415 three fiv kittens

These kittens tested FIV+, probably because of mom's antibodies. There's a good chance they will test FIV- in 6 months!

Size 550x415 image4

"Honestly, I have no idea how those paper towels ended up in the chair!"

Size 550x415 buster

Mr. Photogenic, also known as Buster.

Size 550x415 image5

"I'm going to bop you on the head."

Size 550x415 image2

A relaxing day at The Cat House.

Size 550x415 image6

Front and center!

Size 550x415 image3

Keeping warm on a Nebraska winter night with a TCH purr pad!

Size 550x415 katy

A relaxed Katy. She had only one eye; and as you can see, looked at the world differently--upside down!

Size 550x415 ben%20little%20black%20%26%20white%20dsc 0015

Ben from a feral colony.

Size 550x415 nora%20little%20calico%20dsc 0980

Nora, a pretty little feral from one of the colonies.

Size 550x415 kyle%20dsc 0712

Kyle is one handsome feral boy!

Adopting cats into caring, permanent homes; providing life-long care, food & shelter for homeless cats; & improving the lives of feral cats.

A HOME OF OUR OWN!!! Thanks to our donors and volunteers, TCH plans on moving into the new shelter at 3633 “O” Street during the first few weeks of June 2015. One of the big advantages of the new building is the wonderful visibility on “O” Street. We hope to increase adoptions and recruit more volunteers as a result.

Since its purchase, the building was almost entirely demolished inside by TCH volunteers. Volunteers have assisted in framing, dry walling, mudding, and anything else they can do to help make progress. In order to stretch funds, volunteers are painting, installing doors and woodwork, and the myriad of other activities involved in renovating the 8,000 square-foot building! Thousands of volunteer hours have been poured into the facility.

TCH volunteers are anxiously waiting to see the cats’ responses to their new digs. Many of the rooms have an outside window from which the cats can watch the birds fly by, watch squirrels and other animals scurry along on the ground, and bask in the natural sunlight!

The Cat House, Lincoln's no-kill cat shelter, cares for about 150 cats at any given time. Here are a few of their stories:

LUIGI was one sorry-looking cat when he wandered up to the door of some former Cat House adopters. He was bone-thin, his brown tabby fur was scraggly and dirty, and he drooled constantly. But it was clear this old guy had not lived his whole life on the streets. He was front-declawed and the most people-loving cat you could ever meet. The Cat House took in Luigi, knowing there were very few other options for a cat his age. In the weeks since, he has been treated for a urinary tract infection and is getting ongoing care for kidney disease. He is filling out and his fur has regained its luster. One thing has not changed, though. Luigi remains eager to greet new people and happy to reciprocate with anyone who will give him love and affection.

MINNIE was not pleased to find herself at The Cat House after her person’s health problems worsened. But time, and the loving attention of Cat House volunteers, brought back her cheerful personality. Soon she caught the attention of an adopter. Now, Minnie has her new person trained to play with her every night for more than an hour and put on the iPad cat games for her every morning. Minnie does her part by keeping her person laughing and happy.

LULU AND GUS spent a long time at The Cat House waiting for the right people to appreciate their specialness. These siblings were best friends, so The Cat House insisted they be adopted together. That meant they often got passed over. But when things clicked, they really clicked. Now their new people report the pair are affectionate and talkative and have a righteous sense of entitlement, “which means they fit in with us like puzzle pieces. Thank you, Cat House, for helping us find what our home was missing.”

THE CAT HOUSE, Lincoln's no-kill feline shelter, is operated entirely by volunteers from Lincoln and the surrounding area. It is financially supported by money from adoption fees, retail sales, and, most importantly, through donations. No government funds are received.

YOUR DONATION will help The Cat House spay or neuter, vaccinate, and microchip hundreds of cats and kittens, both domesticated and feral, from our community. By stressing the importance of spaying or neutering to the public, we help to prevent the birth and death of thousands of felines every year in Lincoln.

Donations will also be applied to bills incurred doing the remodeling of the building. NONE of the progress made this year would have been possible if it weren’t for your donations and assistance. Help us make 2015 a purr-fect year!

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Adopting cats into caring, permanent homes; providing life-long care, food & shelter for homeless cats; & improving the lives of feral cats.

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